10 DIY Natural Home Remedies To Whiten Your Yellow Nails

Whiten Your Yellow Nails

Have your nails turned yellow due to the harsh chemicals that your nail paints contain?Do you now every now and then keep applying your nail color to hide your yellow tinted nails?Or your daily household chores have withered off the white and pink color of your nails and stained it with yellow?

If you can relate to any of these then do have a look at the following home remedies to whiten your stained nails.Your nails can turn yellow because of various reasons including fungus,infections,anemia,bad food and eating habits,smoking,lack of proper nutrition,improper lifestyles,liver diseases or even too much use of nail paints and harsh chemicals.But now you do not anymore need to hide away your yellow nails or apply even  more nail colors to hide discoloration of your nails as you can easily enhance the charm of your hands by following the remedies listed below.

10 DIY Natural Home Remedies To Whiten Your Yellow Nails:

Whitening Toothpaste

Apply Whitening Toothpaste

Just like your teeth,your nails are also made of calcium and your whitening toothpaste works exactly the way to whiten the yellow stains on it.Apply some whitening toothpaste on your nails and use an old abandoned brush to scrub it against your nails and then wash it away.Repeat this every alternate day for best results.

Baking Powder And Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking powder and hydrogen peroxide

Mix a spoon of baking powder with three fourth spoon of hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste.Rub it on your nails and then leave it on for 3-4 minutes.Then wash away in warm water.Repeat this once a week.Do not do it regularly as it may weaken your nails because of use of hydrogen peroxide and baking powder.

Baking Powder And Lemon

Baking powder and lemon

Squeeze a lemon in a bowl containing half a spoon of baking powder.Mix well and rub it on your nails using your fingers for about 8-10 minutes and then leave on for 60 more seconds and wash off using lukewarm water.You can repeat this process every third day or later.

Lemon Bowl

Take a bowl containing two spoons of plain water.Add one fourth spoon of sea salt to it.Place your hands over the bowl and squeeze a lemon over your nails such that the juice either remains on your nails or drips into the bowl.Rub your nails of both hands across each other for 5 minutes and then dip your nails in the bowl and keep rubbing your nails and cleansing the yellow nails.Then dip your hands in a bowl of milk for 2 minutes and wash.

Lemon bowl

You can repeat it everyday and even twice a day.This not only cleanses your nails but also strengthens them overtime.Lemon is used as a cleanser almost in every aspect of our life.Be it utensils and dishes,clothes,hair or your nails,it works effectively in every substance.



White vinegar is also used as a cleanser for your nails.Take some vinegar in a bowl and dip your nails in it.gently rub and clean your cuticles and wash after 15 minutes.

Essential Oil Nail Whitening Mask

Essential oil nail whitening mask

Mix 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil with half a teaspoon of lavender essential oil and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.Add a few drops of lemon ,mix well and store the mixture in a cool place.You can use this mixture about two times a day.Lavender oil and lemon are known for its bleaching properties where as vitamin E provides nourishment.This whitening mask is really good for your nail cuticles.

Apply Base Coat

Apply base coat

Apply base coat  before applying nail paint each time.This will help to increase the longevity of the nail color and also prevent the nails from turning yellow.

Healthy Food

Healthy Foods

Eat protein filled food like eggs,meat,milk,soya,etc. for frequent replenishment of your nails.

Nail Buffs

Nail Buffs

Regular removal of nail paints and buffing each nail individually is really important for keeping your nails white.Take a bowl of coconut mil and add some rose petals to it and dip your nails to it for 5-10 minutes everyday as a part of your daily routine care.

Nail Whitening Paint

Nail whitening paints are available in the markets easily.Apply a base coat and then the nail whitening mask and then the overcoat.It will give your nails a natural gloss and protect your nails and simultaneously whiten the stained nails.Always remember to moisturize your nails after using these home remedies to prevent drying out and weakening of your nails.

Nail whitening paint

You can use beeswax,petroleum jelly,essential oils or a good moisturiser for hydrating and retaining the moisture in your nails.Avoid using excessive nail colors and other harsh chemicals while you follow any of these regime as it will create an obstruction in the whitening and bleaching effects.A regular 5 minutes routine can make your nail strong,lustrous and nourished.