10 Effective Natural Cures For Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

The thyroid, a butterfly shaped gland, located just below the voice box in the neck is the gatekeeper of the human body’s metabolic function. It also influences the regular absorption of glucose, synthesis of protein, frequency of cardiac activities and circulation of blood in organisms. Thyroid is  responsible for regular physical and mental development and good overall condition of the body.

Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland is a hormonal disorder. The primarily known problems related to thyroid gland are of two types, namely hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. The common symptoms of these two disorders are weakening of eyesight, stress, abnormal weight gain or loss, mood swing, fall in the pulse rate, tachycardia and prolonged depression.

Coming to the field of medication, the conventional thyroid medicines have high risk of unwanted side-effects. On the other hand, the holistic healing approach of natural remedies for thyroid help to restore normal thyroid functioning. Natural remedies are always a better alternative with no side-effects and also delivers more health benefits including energy and vitality.

Ways To Treat Thyroid Problems Naturally

Intake Sufficient Iodine

Iodine is the most essential nutrient for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine nourishes the thyroid and helps to produce thyroid hormones.

Soya Milk

However, keep in mind that overdose of iodine can also damage proper thyroid functioning. Consult your doctor or nutritionist to know about the adequate dose your body needs. Intake iodine rich items like iodized salt, soya milk, yogurt, garlic and pineapple.

Intake Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps the body to convert thyroid hormones. Have foods containing vitamin A such as mangoes, pumpkin and carrot for proper functioning of the thyroid.

Magical Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another helpful source for maintaining a balance functioning of the thyroid gland. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which help in improving the functionality of the thyroid and also improve the body metabolism rate.

Coconut Oil

You can use coconut oil or extra virgin organic coconut oil for cooking. Another option is that you can add two tablespoon of coconut oil into a glass of milk and have it every morning and get a speedy recovery from thyroid problems.

Zinc And Selenium

Zinc and selenium are two essential minerals you need to add in your food. These minerals can enhance the functioning of the thyroid in the production of thyroid hormones.

Zinc And Selenium

Consult a doctor for the appropriate amount of these minerals required for your body. Eat selenium rich foods like Brazil nuts, tuna fish, shrimp, mushroom, barley and foods which are rich in zinc such as green leafy vegetables, yogurt, fish and oatmeal.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut

Black walnut is a rich supplier of organic iodine and magnesium. It nourishes the thyroid gland and improves the implementation of the thyroid. Intake raw walnut regularly or you can have walnut tea as well.

Proper Food

Diet is the major part in proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Eliminate foods which are rich in refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar, replace them with complex carbs as whole grains.

Proper Food

Include fresh fruits, sprouts, green veggies, nuts and omega3 fatty acid rich foods such as salmon fish and flaxseeds into your diet plan. Avoid cakes, sweet and other calorie rich items.

Intake Plenty Of Fluids

Intake Plenty Of Fluids

Drink a lot of fluids like water, soup and fresh juice made from zinc and selenium rich fruits like orange, pineapple, grapes and banana. Juice diet is the best solution to take out the waste and toxins from the body. It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting a juice diet.

Rest And Relaxation

Rest And Relaxation

Good rest and relaxation is the key to recovery from thyroid problems. Excess physical activity can affect a person with thyroid abnormalities. Take eight hours of sleep daily for better health. Avoid emotional stress and surround yourself with positive and happy people who urge you to do well in life.



Kelp is an iodine enriched sea weed which belongs to the family of algae. It is highly valuable for maintaining proper functionality of the thyroid. It can be used as a garnishing item or you can also use it for flavouring soups and salads.

Exercise And Yoga

Exercise is very useful to keep away from weight variations caused by thyroid disorders. But, until your lab report says that your thyroid level is improving, don’t engross in high physical activity rather engage yourself in less challenging workout like breathing exercises without putting strain on your body.


Yoga also helps to relieve the stress, making the thyroid gland productive enough to produce thyroid hormones. Some of the effective yoga postures to kick off thyroid problems are pranayama, lotus pose and triangle pose.

So, don’t be sluggish anymore because of your inactive thyroid. With the above mentioned safe natural cures, you can easily bring the imbalanced thyroid gland under control and keep the adverse effects of thyroid disorders at bay.