12 Most Effective Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers

Burns are the most traumatic injury, when an individual gets burnt on more than 10% of the body region. Below that burns are considered minor that damage only the outer layers of the skin (epidermis), turning them painfully red. Most of the minor burns on fingers get healed automatically, but by using home solutions one can get relief from the burning pain and promotes fast healing.Lack of proper care and cure at the right time may cause formation of painful blisters. It is advisable to employ natural cure for all first degree or minor burns to get relief from burn symptoms and cure them completely.

Vital Home Remedies For Burns On Fingers


Honey For Burns On Fingers

Honey is popular as healer of burns and wounds as it efficiently disinfect the burn or wounded regions. Place a little honey over the gauze bandage and then apply over the burn.Keep changing the bandage thrice a day for rapid recovery that cures the burned region, without leaving scars behind. Honey draws fluids from the underlying tissues, thereby cleaning out the burn area.


Vinegar For Burns On Fingers

The antiseptic and astringent properties of vinegar help to treat the minor burns and even prevent any infection at the burnt area. Mix vinegar with equal amounts of water and then use it for rinsing the burned region.Vinegar works as pain reliever and helps the skin tissue to get relaxed. After rinsing the burnt area, one can also cover it with a clean cloth, dipped in vinegar and change it every two hours for best results.

Onion Juice

Onion Juice For Burns On Fingers

Onion juice comes with special healing power for treating first degree or minor burns due to its chemical components like quercetin and sulfur that offer relief from burn pain. Make use of a fresh onion, cut it and apply its juice over the burn region. Onion juice will give an instant relief from pain and lower downs the chance of blister formation.Keep applying onion juice repeatedly, for a number of times in a day. Always make use of freshly cut onion as with exposure to air, onion loses its medicinal attributes and is no more beneficial for healing finger burns.

Raw Potato

Potato For Burns On Fingers

Raw potato is used in curing minor burns as it empowers soothing and anti irritating properties that aid in comforting the burnt skin. Use a slice of raw potato and rub it gently, over the burn ensuring juice touches the burnt surface.Potato juice reduces the pain and also lowers the possibility of blister formation, during recovery. This remedy is more effective when used soon after the minor burn has taken place.


Oatmeal For Burns On Fingers

With finger burn healing process, itchiness is the usual symptom that follows. To get relieve from this itchiness, one can make use of oatmeal.Oatmeal offers best solution to itchiness. Soak oatmeal in water filled tub and then put the burnt surface into it for 15 to 20 minutes and then let it dry fully.

Egg White

Egg White For Burns On Fingers

Egg whites have been known to be effective in burn healing process by making it happen more rapidly and preventing the possibility of burn scarring.Use egg white of 1 to 2 eggs, depending upon the region of burn and cover the area with egg white, letting it to dry naturally. As long as egg white remains wet, the pain is not felt and after it gets dried, apply fresh egg whites to fasten the healing process.


Milk For Burns On Fingers

Placing the affected burnt finger in the milk for minimum of fifteen minutes, will improve the burn pain and will help to heal it. Repeat the procedure of soaking in milk for a few hours and always use another bowl of milk as it gets sour quickly.

Cold Water

Cold Water For Burns On Fingers

The commonest and foremost used remedy for finger burns is running it under the cold water for a few minutes. Alternatively, one can place cold compresses over the burnt surfaces as the coldness helps to pull out the heat. This needs to be applied instantly, over the burnt area to prevent it from spreading.Moreover, repeated use should be encouraged after several hours to keep away the burning pain. Never use ice instead of cold water as that can damage the sensitive tissues and even restrict flow of blood, needed for healing of burns. One can make use of cold milk instead of water for getting dual benefits.

Salt Water Rinsing

Rinse Salt Water For Burns On Fingers

Salt water rinsing is the most preferred and successful remedial solution. Mix half a teaspoon of salt in eight oz of warm water and soak fingers in it to cure finger burns effectively.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Burns On Fingers

Regular tea bags from the black tea can rescue one from burning and painful sensation of finger burns. The black tea is enriched with tannic acid that draws the heat from burn area, thereby reducing the pain.Make use of three tea bags and place it in one mug of cold water. Then after several minutes, take out these tea bags and pat it softly over the burn area. In matter of few seconds, one will feel relief from the burning pain.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Burns On Fingers

Fresh aloe vera juice or gel can be used for treating first degree or minor finger burns. Aloe vera is enriched with astringent, painkilling and tissue healing properties that brings about quick relief from pain. Before using aloe vera, the burn area should be cleaned with vinegar or cold water.Then put a small piece of cut leaf over the burn or even have aloe vera gel application. Even creams comprising aloe vera as the main constituent meant for curing burn areas can be used to get relief from burns.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil For Burns On Fingers

Lavender essential oil may be used over the finger burns for an immediate relief as it offers both painkilling and antiseptic properties. Moreover, it prevents any scarring post healing.Put a little lavender oil over a clean cloth or gauze and apply it onto the burn injury. Then replace the cloth once in every three hours and keep using lavender oil as many times as possible for quick recovery.