12 Top Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

12 Top Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Exercises are very necessary part of life in order to stay healthy and avoid various types of health problems. Normal routine of exercise is hampered during travelling time. All kinds of fitness routines are seriously broken due to unavailability of the fitness machines. It is very important to maintain these exercises on regular basis for extracting the benefits from it. Few people also hesitate to perform the regular exercise due to these reasons. There are some set of exercises that can be done irrespective of the place and location. These are very easy and can be done without any issues.

Shoulder Bridge

This particular kind of exercise is very simple and can be done in very small area. It will not take more than the area taken by one single bed. It will help to provide strength to the shoulder and can also cut some fat from the belly. Make sure to practice it first.

Bridge pose


Plank is another best kind of exercise that is mainly done for the best abs. Do some pushups properly in order to take care of the abs and get rid of extra fats. Either hands or elbow can be used in this kind of exercise. This is commonly done by everyone and can be easily done during travel days.

Slap Planks

Warrior III

Warrior III is the best kind of yoga pose that will provide best kind of method to improve balance. This also helps in core toning in a very perfect manner. It hardly takes around 6foot to 3 foot space for carrying out this exercise. Due to its minimum space consumption, you can do it in your hotel room.

warrior 2

Tricep Dip

This exercise requires one raised surface that will be used to lean. Staircase, bed or chair can be used for this exercise. This particular kind of exercise is mainly done to provide mean and lean triceps. It is easy to do and get results. High raised surface can be easily found in hotel room.

Tricep Dip


This particular kind of exercise mainly targets the lower back of the body as well as the butt. This requires one simple mat or a blanket on the floor, which can be easily arranged. This is a very perfect exercise that should be done during travel time as the necessities for this exercise can be easily met.

Push Up Planks

Push Up

Push up is a very common exercise that can be done at any location. It mainly provides best kind of workout for the shoulders, chest as well as arms. It hardly takes 6foot to 3foot area. Military style push up requires much little area for carrying out this exercise. This is very best for the entire human body.


Chair Twist

It is a good kind of exercise or yoga that is very necessary for properly shredding leg muscles. It will also works out for the core of the body. Chair twist can also help to perfectly target the hips, butt, abs and thighs in a very efficient manner. Leg muscles will get maximum benefits.

chair twist

Side Plank

Side plank is a very simple yet effective kind of exercise to provide better workout to the core muscles. It does not require any mat for practicing the exercise. Carry out this pose for better muscles and toned body. Core muscles will get maximum benefits.

Side Planks

Squat Side Kick

Squat side kick is practiced in order to tone the legs. It is not so easy to carry out this exercise for more than 15 times. It will also target the thighs, glutes as well as hips at the same time. It is easy to practice and can provide cent percent results within few days.

side kick

Squat Calf Raises

Squat calf raises are another workout technique that will also take care of the glutes, calves and thigh. Throw some of these calf raises to get the desired kinds of results. It does not take much area and can be done at any location.

for the calf

Resistance Band Curls

Resistance bands are easy to carry and use them to get the nice results. Do some few sets of this particular exercise to get proper results. It does not require space and can help to provide the desired kinds of outcomes. Simply use this band with your hand.

band curl

Tree Pose

Tree pose is the last method of doing exercise that perfectly helps the body to stretch and improves the balance. This is a very simple and clean pose to balance the body. Try this exercise at anywhere irrespective of the place for some time in order to stretch the body to its maximum extent.

tree pose