15 Home Remedies For Cough For Children

Cough For Children Cough is quite common amongst children. It could be due to change in weather conditions, exposure to cold, excessive sweat or plain infection. Cough is body’s way of getting rid of congestion and clearing the airways.

However, it still exhausts the child causing sleeplessness, drowsiness and due to pull of stomach muscles, pain in the abdominal region also appears. There are very simple home remedies that you can use to relieve your child from cough.

Top 15 Home remedies For Cough For Children

Honey Ginger Syrup

Take a teaspoon of honey. Crush a small piece of ginger by adding a teaspoon of water. Mix both honey and ginger water. Give this syrup 5-6 times a day.

Honey Ginger syrup

Both these ingredients open the passageway for breathing thereby reducing cough and uneasiness which comes with heavy breathing.

Cardamom And Black Pepper Water

Take a full glass of water. Put it on heat. Add one cardamom and half a teaspoon of black pepper. To the mixture, add a teaspoon of sugar. Keep boiling it until water reduces to half the original quantity. Serve warm to the child. He/ she can have it ones or 2-3 times since black pepper does not go down too well with the kids.

Basil (Tulsi)

Basil (Tulsi)

Lightly crush 3-4 leaves of basil and keep it in the mouth of your child. This will reduce cough and the water from basil will gradually flow in to the throat. If the child is not comfortable then crush the leaves and boil them in the milk.

Tea With Cardamom And Ginger

Boil a teaspoon of tea in water with cardamom and a small piece of crushed ginger. Add honey to the water to give it a little sweetness. Serve warm. Usually children like to have tea therefore this beverage will provide least resistance. However, refrain from adding milk to it.

Orange Rind Tea

Orange Rind Tea

In boiling water add a teaspoon of tea. To it add 5-6 rinds of orange. Orange has vitamin C which is released well in the boiling tea. Very soothing for the throat

Ajwain Water

Ajwain is a kind of thyme. Take a teaspoon of ajwain and add to a glass of water. Put this mixture on a boil. Keep boiling it until the water reduces to half of its original quantity. Ajwain keeps the body warm from inside and protects it from cold.

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf

Let your child chew on a betel leaf. The water that goes in to throat of your child from betel leaf will provide relief from sore throat. If betel leaf is not very appealing to the child, add a few grains of sugar in it to make the taste a little better.


Clarified butter or ghee, if applied inside the nostrils can provide relief from the blocked airway. You can apply it with an ear bud. Make sure you melt the ghee before applying. Just half a teaspoon is enough for both the nostrils.



Just one clove and a few sugar grains in the mouth also reduce the cough.  Alternatively you can add it to the above mentioned solutions and tea while boiling.


This ingredient is present in most of the cough relieving medications. A whiff of eucalyptus clears the air channel. Take a 3-4 leaves. Crush them and place in a thin cloth. Make your child sniff it and while the child sleeps, you can keep it near his pillow so that he/ she indirectly inhale it.


Soups are known to have a very positive effect on cough and cold. Especially chicken soup is considered ideal for the balmy throat and gummy nose. Just avoid soups which are on the sour side, as this can irritate the throat and worsen the condition.


Coriander and potato soup, cream of almond soup and sweet corn soup are best for cough. Also, while boiling these soups you can add a few cloves and little ginger along with black pepper for increasing the potency of the soups.

Steam Inhaler For Room

Most of the children are not comfortable with taking direct steam. You can alternatively place the steamer with a vapour rub in the room where the child sleeps. Do this, before you put your child to sleep. Close all the doors and windows of the room and leave the steamer in the room. The vapours in the room will help the child breathe easy

Warm Bath

It always happens that as soon as the child catches a cold we stop the bath regimen. Giving a bath can only harm your child if it is either too cold or hot and if the child is exposed to breeze or direct fan after the bath. A lukewarm water bath can in fact bring out the congestion. Just make a few preparations. Keep a towel ready along with the clothes.

Warm Bath

If the space in the bathroom permits, try to put the child in to the clothes in the bathroom only. Close all the windows and doors to obstruct breeze. Leave a steamer/Steam inhaler on in the bathroom. Give a bath to the child in the lukewarm water. Dry thoroughly. Cover the child properly and tuck in to the bed. Do not cover the child with excessive linen. Sweating is not good during cough.

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Consumption Of Water

Keep the child well hydrated during cough and cold. The cough tends to dry the throat which can lead to bout of cough and throat infection. Try to give your child lukewarm water instead of water at room temperature.

Salt Gargles

Add a teaspoon of salt in 180 ml of lukewarm water. The salt gargles can relieve the throat and clear the passageway for air. Also, it moisturises the throat and combats the drying throat syndrome that is common during cough and cold.When our child suffers from cough and cold, most of us panic and jump on the medication.

Salt Gargles

However, a simple cough and cold does not need strong medicines. In fact these drugs have a lot of side effects. Therefore, use of the home remedies to alleviate cough works well with Children and does not make them dependant on medication.