4 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

4 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

4 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Women need to take special care of their diet during pregnancy! Just as she needs to take some specific nutrients for herself and her baby, there are several foods which she needs to avoid during this time. This is especially important for the health and wellness of her unborn. Here are some foods which pregnant women should avoid, as they can harm the baby.

Stay Away From Following Foods If You Are Pregnant

Raw Meat

Raw and undercooked meat is extremely unhealthy for a pregnant lady. Worms, bacteria, viruses and parasites can easily get into the body through raw and uncooked meat. This can adversely affect the brain and other organ development of the baby. If refrigerated meat is being consumed which includes hot dogs, turkey, ham, roasted beef or bologna for instance, they should be well heated and if possible steamed again before consumption. Uncooked and dry sausages which includes pepperoni or salami should not consumed without heating it, till it gets steaming hot. This ensures there are no bacteria and virus.


Undercooked Poultry

Women should stay away from undercooked or runny eggs. Cake batter which has raw eggs or raw cookie dough should be avoided, even for testing purpose in small quantities. Pregnant women should stay away from all homemade sauces and desserts which use raw eggs. These include bearnaise sauce, mayonnaise, eggnog, custard, chocolate mousse and also ice-cream.


Seafood High In Mercury

Seafood is a good way to have omega 3 fatty acids and proteins and can help in the eye and brain development of a baby. However, there are some fishes and even shellfish which contain extreme dangerous levels of mercury. This high mercury level in fish can cause harm to the development of nervous system of the baby. The bigger the fish is and the older, the more mercury it will contain. Pregnant women should avoid Tilefish, King Mackeral, Shark and Swordfish. There are many other varieties of seafood which have lesser quantity of mercury. Pregnant women can have in limited quantities, salmon, shrimp, pollock, trout and catfish among others.


Unpasteurized Foods

Its good to consume low fat fresh dairy products which includes cottage cheese, skim milk and mozzarella cheese. However, anything which is unpasteurized should be avoided. These might cause food-borne illness. Soft cheese and blue cheese should be avoided until it is labeled as being made from pasteurized milk. It is also important to avoid unpasteurized juice. Eat healthy and stay happy!

Dairy Products