5 Alleviating Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Knee Pain

As we advance in age, we suffer aches and pains all over the body. Pain in the knee is a very common problem faced during old age and also among those who are obese and are prominent in sports related activities.

Knee pain is caused when there is damage to the knee cap due to injury, wear and tear and also hyper extension. The condition can be very debilitating and distressing to the person as the pain can sometimes get unbearable.

While pain killers and other medications could be effective for a short period of time, long term treatment may not be a wise option due to the side effects involved. If you are suffering from knee pain, you must stop artificial means and explore the natural treatment options that are a dime a dozen.

Natural Cures For Knee Pain

1. Massage Therapy

Keeping the bones and knee cap well hydrated and improving the blood flow to these areas can help alleviate knee pain to a great extent. For this you can use a medicated oil or a plain and pure oil like coconut oil.

Massage Therapy

The oil can be warmed slightly to increase absorption through the skin. Massage every day in circular motions for 10-15 minutes. You will immediately feel a lot better and finally would have removed the pain completely.

2. Rest

When you have knee pain, never abuse it by walking or climbing the steps which will aggravate it beyond control.


Take rest and make sure that your knees are left elevated to improve blood flow and ease the weight of your body off the knees. Resting your knee will soon remove the pain and inflammation and you will be back on track.

3. Ice Compress

Any kind of pain responds well to an ice compress. While you rest your knees, apply ice pack on the knees. This will help in numbing the pain.

Ice Compress

The swelling will also be removed in no time which will help in controlling the progress and aggravation of the knee. Adequate rest, along with ice packs will help you recover fast and control the pain.

4. Weight Control

People who experience knee pain are mostly obese. Obesity puts a lot of pressure on the knee and lead to damage and distress even if you are young.

Weight Control

If you suffer from knee pain, make sure that your weight is kept under check. Spend time burning some fat from your body through adequate exercise and diet control.

5. Exercise

Exercise is very important due to a number of reasons. Exercise will keep your body weight under control. Exercise will also improve the strength of the muscles and ligaments that support the knees and prevent knee pain and damage.


Exercising for half an hour every day will improve blood flow and prevent toxic deposits on the knees that can cause dryness and knee pain. Running, swimming and yoga are good exercises that you can undertake in order to prevent knee pain from your body.

Diet control plays a big role in preventing knee pain. Salt,caffeinated products, sugar, processed varieties of food etc. must be either avoided or kept to a minimum to prevent the bones from getting dehydrated and causing knee pain. A well balanced diet must be your agenda to control the situation.