5 Causes And Steps To Treat Sore Throat In Women

Causes And Steps To Treat Sore Throat In Women

Throat  is a sensitive and important part of the body that connects mouth with esophagus. It plays a great role in speaking and swallowing food. So when problem or ailment of some kind takes place in throat difficulty in speaking or swallowing food occurs. Ailments in throat include sore throat. In sore throat signs like itching, dryness in throat, pain, difficulty in swallowing food occur. With these glands around the throat also get inflamed. Occasionally white patches start to show up on tonsils.

Causes Of Sore Throat

There are several reasons behind sore throat disease in a man or woman. Normally during change of season when fluctuation in temperature takes place different virus and bacteria get active and these cause sore throat. A bacteria called streptococcus pyogenes causes strep throat in men or women. Besides ailment like diphtheria also causes soreness in throat. Apart from these if air becomes too dry then throat is affected and soreness takes place.

People who smoke heavily and regularly become victim of chronic sore throat. Moreover allergic reaction to something sometimes is also responsible for sore throat in people. Experts say that men or women who have gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD can become victim of sore throat as acid reflux  damages throat.

Causes Of Sore Throat

Here Are 4 Steps To Treat Sore Throat In Women

1. Consult Doctor

Sore throat is a very irritating as well as painful disease that causes immense trouble when it occurs. If a woman wants rapid relief she can consult a physician. Physician will check her, evaluate her condition and then he or she can proceed accordingly. There are good medicines that can cure sore throat caused by virus or bacteria. If it is caused by allergens then the doctor can suggest a patient to consult a specialist also.

Consult Doctor

2. Regular Gurgle  Provides Relief

Health experts say that if a man or woman gurgles warm water with salt mixed in it  then it can provide rapid relief. Medium warm water with salt in it soothes sore throat. It decreases inflammation and clears mucus from it. All a woman has to do is to carry out this gurgling for several times a day until situation improves.

Regular Gurgle Provides Relief

3. Increase Intake Of Tea, Soup, Warm Water

According to health experts in disease like sore throat increase in the intake of hot drinks really provides rapid relief. If a woman has sore throat then she must include hot soup preparation to her daily meal. Intake of tea or simple warm water also helps in this problem. Warm drinks provide soothing effect to inflamed throat.

Increase Intake Of Tea, Soup, Warm Water

4. Turmeric Solution Really Helps

Turmeric is an organic food that has amazing anti inflammatory quality which helps immensely in problem like sore throat. All a woman has to do is to drink less than one teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in a glass of warm water every morning before eating something. She has to gulp the solution slowly and continue this for at least three to four days to have required effect. You can gurgle with warm salt water with little bit of turmeric powder mixed in it. This has to be done for two times in a day.

Turmeric Solution Really Helps