5 Easy Homemade Cough Remedies

5 Easy Homemade Cough Remedies

Coughing is a troublesome problem which can cause us embarrassment especially in some important meetings and conferences. We are unable to bear and suppress the cough. Maintaining the silence is an impossible thing when it comes to coughing which can spoil our personality in public. Many reasons can contribute to this problem like dust allergy, viral or bacterial infection and many others. There are 2 kinds of cough. One is productive and the other is dry. The productive cough is actually caused by the accumulated mucus in the lungs or chest area which blocks the nasal passages. Mucus kindles and disturbs the system. This leads to coughing. In this case, you should not withhold it as the body is trying to eliminate the phlegm through coughing. Whereas, dry coughs are mainly due to allergies like pollen grain and dust. They act as natural irritants in stimulating cough. In both cases, you can experience certain effects of coughing like chest pain and weariness. Don’t worry as these can be reduced and cured by home remedies. Furthermore, homemade solutions are always free from side effects.

Here Are Some Homemade Remedies Which Are Useful In Curing Coughs:

Thyme Tea

Obtain 2 teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves and add it to a cup of boiled water. Let it soak for 15 min before straining them. You can also add some honey to increase the taste. Thyme leaves contain compounds which can decrease the severity of coughing. At the same, it can sooth and calm down the irritated respiratory system. Drink more thyme tea to obtain its hidden miracles as thyme can relax and loosen up the ileal muscles and trachea. Thyme is also effective in healing inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory qualities as well. You can have this special tea 2-3 times a day for instant relief.


Licorice Root Tea

This is a unique root with many beneficial qualities to cure coughs. Licorice root is a natural medicine for coughs. It is an expectorant which can free up your air passages. Plus, it can protect your respiratory system from inflammations which can stimulate coughing. Licorice root can ease congestion and nasal blockages as well. Take a mug of water and bring it to boil. Add 2 tablespoons of dried licorice root and let it steep for 15-20 min. Strain and drink the liquid. It gives a sweet taste and soothing aroma. Do this twice a day to reduce the painful coughs.

licorice root tea

Ginger Tea

Ginger is used in many homemade remedies since the olden days. It is useful in curing many kinds of diseases including coughs. Ginger has decongestant abilities and can minimize running nose and cold as well. It also acts as an expectorant and is effective in eliminating the unwanted mucus from our lungs. Simply put some slices of fresh ginger root in a boiling pot with a cup of water. Let it simmer for a few minutes. Strain and drink the ginger solution while it’s still warm. You can add a little honey for sweetness. Some people prefer adding in a few drops of lemon juice which can increase the taste.

Sip Warm Ginger Tea

Black Pepper Solution

Black pepper can be said as one of the ideal remedies for cough. Indians love to use this spice in various foods and culinary. It is considered as a precious spice. Many people fail to understand that it also contains medicinal capabilities in curing coughs. Black pepper can expel the phlegm stuck in your lungs easily. Take a teaspoon of black pepper and grind it partially. Add about 8 ounces of boiled water to a mug followed by the ground black pepper and a teaspoon of honey. Stir well and cover the solution for 15 min before drinking it. This can be done at least twice a day to reduce the effects of coughing.

Black Peppercorns

Honey Syrup

This syrup is well-known since our grandmother’s period. It is a proven fact that honey is a great substance which can cure sore throats and coughs. The sticky texture of honey is a benefit as it can cover up and pacify the irritated and inflamed membranes. Honey can be consumed directly in a regular basis as it is a natural-reliever. You can have honey before sleeping at night as it can promote a better sleep without disturbing coughs. Always opt for pure organic honey. Another method is to mix honey with coconut oil and lemon juice. Combine them well and consume. These three agents can ease the congested airways and lungs by eliminating the mucus. To obtain the expected results, consume this syrup 3 times per day till the cough subsides.


Try any of these remedies to cure yourselves from cough. But if coughing persists even after trying homemade solutions, visit a doctor as it can be a serious problem.