5 Effective Home Remedy For Burns

Home Remedy For Burns

Carelessness and accidents are part of our lives.  It can lead to many untoward incidents that we may sometimes be not prepared for. Cuts and burns can happen anytime when we work in the kitchen. It could be due to lack of time when we are in such a hurry to finish our work and head to the office.

It is a good idea to be aware of some first aid measures that are completely natural that can be used on burns to heal them without causing blisters and other secondary infections.

Below are some of the most popular natural measures undertaken when you have burnt your skin. However, do not look for natural remedies when you have had a serious burn that could be second or third degree in nature.

1. Cold Water

As soon as you have burnt your skin, you need to cool the burnt skin to provide relief and avoid blister formation. Rub an ice cube on the burnt skin if it is a small area or expose the burnt skin to flowing water that is cold for a few minutes. As burns can lead to the skin getting dried up due to dehydration, make sure you consume enough water as well during the healing process.

Cold Water

2. Honey

Honey can be applied for healing first as well as second degree burns as it is a natural healing and moisturising agent. After cooling the burnt skin by applying ice cubes,you can seal the area with pure honey to keep it well moisturised and away from bacteria and other foreign particles that could enter the burns if exposed. Keep applying fresh coat of honey until the burn is healed.


3. Turmeric

Having good antiseptic and antibacterial properties,turmeric can be used for treating and healing burns completely. Take turmeric and add some fresh aloe gel if available or water to make a paste.

Apply on the burn as often as possible.Aloe will revive the damaged skin and accelerate the healing process and turmeric will prevent any bacterial action on the exposed wound and help in healing the skin fast.


4. Potato

The skin of potato is a very effective treatment used for healing burns when they are fresh and raw. This is also a very simple treatment that can be adopted at home and also help in preventing the pollutants and bacteria from entering the burnt wound. Boil a big potato and gently peel the skin out. This skin can be pasted on to the burn and sealed with a band aid.


5. Papaya

Papaya helps in healing the skin that has been scarred due to the burn. Once the burn starts healing, the dead cells and scaly and rough skin start accumulating on the surface of the burns which could lead to scar formations if not removed at this stage. Take a ripe papaya and remove the pulp to form a paste.


Apply on the burnt skin and allow it to dry. The skin will be exfoliated with this process, thereby removing all the dead cells along with the pulp.