5 Natural Cures For Back Pain

We often get a strained and aching back if we lift something heavy, keep stooping over a work desk all day, or simply due to overwork of the back. In these situations, it is always advisable to try some natural cure for back pain that will relieve you from the pain without any harmful side effect.However, keep in mind that you should resort to home remedies only if the back pain is due to some such simple reasons. If along with the back pain there is weakness, pain or numbness in the legs, it may be an indication of some more serious problems and hence, you should immediately see a doctor.

Top 5 Natural Cures For Back Pain

1. Apply Ice

It is a good idea to apply ice to the injured area of the back within 24 hours of the injury. This will keep the inflammation down and also prevent the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.Hence, it acts as a natural pain killer. The best way to apply an ice pack is to apply it for 20 minutes, then take it off for 30 minutes and repeat application for 20 minutes.

2. Change Your Mattress

One major cause of back pain could be an inferior quality mattress. Lumpy mattresses or ones, which do not support the back sufficiently can result in a painful back. Hence, you should invest in a good mattress that provides good back support to cure recurrent back pains

3. A Hot Bath

If the injury occurred more than 24 hours ago, ice will not be of help. After the first day, heat will help in increasing the elasticity of the muscles; hence, it will be a good idea to soak in a hot water tub for 20 minutes at least.Dong this will provide a natural cure for back pain. Women, who are pregnant should not try the hot soak method as increase in body temperature over 100 degree Fahrenheit may cause birth defects or even miscarriage.

A Hot Bath

4. Don’t Keep Lying Down

Earlier most people believed that when suffering from back pain it was best to take bed rest, but nowadays most medical professionals have changed their opinion. This is because modern research has proved that lying down for long periods not only fails to relieve back pain but even worsens it in some cases.If you do feel the need to lie down, you should do so with two pillows under your knees because this is a great natural cure for back pain. More than three days of bed rest can cause the back muscles to become weak and make you more prone to a sore back.

5. Get A Massage

A professionally executed massage can relieve back pain almost instantly if it is not too severe. If you are unable to get a professional masseuse, you can ask one of your family members or friends to give you a massage.Nowadays, many massage therapists also make house calls. So, it will be a good idea to check the yellow pages to find such a massage therapist for this natural cure for back pain.