Stomach CancerNatural cure for stomach cancer involves a change in the lifestyle that you have been following, cleansing the body of toxins, implementing a healthy diet, proper exercise and natural therapies. The traditional treatment of stomach cancer is done with the help of harsh treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

These not only have harmful side effects but also sometimes fail to cure the cancer especially if it is in an advanced stage. This is when people opt for natural cures which increase the life expectancy of the patient and allow the chemo and radio therapies to do their work. Many times these natural cures themselves cure the patient of the disease.

Top 5 Natural Cures For Stomach Cancer



Laughter therapy has become popular all over the world and is used to treat many different ailments. Apart from the fact that laughter even if it is artificial will release the happy chemicals in the body, which will result in an overall sense of well being and counter negative emotions which are known to cause cancer if withheld for a long time. At the same time laughter also provides an internal massage which can be a natural cure for stomach cancer for up to 30% of the cure.

Proper Foods

Diet plays an important part in fighting any disease in the body including stomach cancer. Avoid unhealthy foods like processed foods, gluten, and other toxins. Drink a lot of water which will act as a natural cleansing agent.

mediterranean diet

Eat more of foods that heal, like vegetable juices, fats that heal like Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and unrefined sea salt. Avoid trans fats, and avoid dairy products. Eat lean meat rather than red meat and try taking protein supplements that are easily available in the market


Physical activity is very good for cleansing and balancing the body systems and relieving stress, which is known to contribute to the causes of cancer.

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You can choose any gentle exercise, like mini trampoline jumping, walking or jogging amidst nature, rowing, riding or golf. Dancing, martial arts, swimming etc. all add towards creating a natural cure for stomach cancer.

Body Cleansing

Usually dietary changes will cleanse your body to a great extent, but in the case of a natural cure for stomach cancer, additional cleansing is required. It is especially important to cleanse the liver as this organ is responsible for the overall health and absorption of nutrients in the body.

There are many intrahepatic stones in the liver which block the flow of bile and cause problems in digestion which is the basis of good health. Other internal organs also store a lot of toxins and you should opt for bowel cleanse with parasite cleanse, dental clean up, kidney cleanse and liver and gall bladder cleanse.


Excessive Sweating

Many studies have proved that some toxins will leave the body only in the form of sweat. In order to induce sweat you can exercise with lots of clothes, take a sauna bath, eat cayenne pepper, drink warm tea in a hot room etc. This is a powerful ways to cleanse the body from accumulated toxins and a great natural cure for stomach cancer.

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