5 Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Gonorrhea In Women

Sex is one of the most important life activities that helps in progress of society. Modern men as well as women have a right to choose the partner of their own liking. But having more than one partner and practicing unprotected sex can bring grave physical problems to people. There are several STIs or sexually transmitted infections that can bother a person severely if any of those takes place. Gonorrhea is such an STI.

This disease occurs in men as well as women. Gonorrhea can affect reproductive system of women and reproductive as well as urinary tract or system in men and women both. Anus can also be affected in this health problem. This can affect body parts or organs like eyes, throat too.  Advenced developed nations of the world are victims of this disease in great number. If a person does not not have prompt medical help then the disease can bring complications like infertility and more bigger physical condition like AIDS. Pregnant women with this disease can give birth to babies with serious health issues.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Heath experts say that symptoms of this serious health problem sometimes do not take place in women. But when signs show up major symptoms involve vaginal discharge of yellow, green and white color in great volume and abdominal or pelvic pain. Pain and discomfort can also occur when a woman passes urine. There can be bleeding after a woman has sex.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

It is already told that gonorrhea can affect body parts or organ like anus, throat, eyes too. In gonorrhea discomforts like itching and irritation can be felt in anus. There may be bleeding too. A woman can feel discomfort in throat also. The throat can be sore and swelling can take place in it. Samething can happen in eyes too. The eye can get red and light sensitivity also occurs. Pus like material can occur in eyes also. In some cases joints of the body also are affected by gonorrhea. Doctors say that this condition becomes extremely painful and bothering.


Foreign agents like virus, bacteria and pollutants very often attack and create havoc in body of a man or woman. A particular bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae is reponsible for giving birth to gonorrhea in men as well as women. People who practice unprotected normal sex, anal or oral sex can get infected by this health problem. If any of the partners is already infected by this bacteria then he or she can pass it to the other uninfected person. This bacteria can survive and grow easily in mucous membranes of the body. This way it thrives in places like fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, urethra, mouth, anus.

Risk Factors

There re some diseases which affect body because of lifestyle, poor health and hygiene sense of a man or woman.  Gonorrhea is such a disease. Mostly sexually active young men and women who have more than one partner and frequently practice sex without any protection can easily get gonorrhea. Besides if a woman or man has history of any STI then he or she is running at a risk of  contacting gonorrhea too.

Risk Factors Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Gonorrhea In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor As Soon As Possible

If you have any of the risk factors noted above kindly always remain a bit cautious about signs of gonorrhea. Sometimes signs are very mild. If you feel or notice any problem of any sort like above in you consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will listen to your problem. He or she can carry out test taking samples from your body. A lab test can easily determine gonorrhea. There are good antibiotics available that can fight this health condition.

Consult A Doctor As Soon As Possible

2. Protection In Sex Is Must

If you are leading a restriction free sex life then you should always use condom for protection. Condoms do not normally allow bacteria of gonorrhea to pass into an uninfected person. Only in this way the spread of the disease can be controlled. If you are going  through medical procedure for disease like gonorrhea or any other STI then kindly do not practice sex until you are completely healed.

Protection In Sex Is Must

3. Always Look Out For Symptoms In Your Partner

In sex you should urge your partner to use protection too. Always remain a bit careful about any physical symptom in genital of your partner that may hint gonorrhea or any other STI. If you suspect any such thing then ask your partner to see a doctor. If you are having medical help for gonorrhea then ask your partner to check himself with a doctor also.

Always Look Out For Symptoms In Your Partner