5 Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Sarcoidosis In Women

There is practically no shortage of diseases and foreign agents that create havoc on human body. But it is the active and healthy immune system that keeps a man or woman fit and free of ailments. But strangely enough this immune system sometimes creates problem for a human being and as a result different types of disease are seen. One of these kind of diseases is sarcoidosis that occurs in a human body due to response of overactive immune system. Sarcoidosis creates inflammation in cells that is called granulomas in different major organs of the body. These organs include lungs, skin, eye, lymph nodes mostly. Sometimes heart is also affected by. sarcoidosis. This ailment sometimes does not create any problem in a human being but if a man or woman feels discomfort in a particular organ for a long time or a period of time consistently then he or she should consult a physician. Sarcoidosis if left alone without any medical help then it can cause severe damage to a organ. Health experts say that women are little bit more vulnerable to this disease than men.

Here Are Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Sarcoidosis In Woemn

1. Symptoms

It is already mentioned that sarcoidosis can affect different organs. In this regard different type of symptoms can take place regrading the organ involved. But there are some common symptoms of this disease. That include decrease in weight, weakness in body, frequent fever and swelling in lymph nodes, ache in areas of body which involve bone structures.. In case of lungs symptoms can come in forms of pain in chest, continuous dry cough, difficulty in breathing and wheezing coming from chest area. If it is eye then problem in vision, long lasting redness, ache and light sensitivity can occur in sacoidosis. Skin problems in this ailment involve slightly bumpy purple or red rash that can be warm, dark area on skin or a dark skin may get light, nodules or swollen area adjacent to any scar under the skin etc. Sometimes this disease causes major problem in organs like kidney, liver and heart also.[1]


2. Cause

Till today medical science has not been able to determine the exact cause of a problem like sarcoidosis. Researches are still going on in this field. But heath experts say that genetics have some relation to the disease. In some people agents like pollutants, virus, bacteria or some kind of chemical etc sometimes create problem like sarcoidosis.


3. Risk Factors

It is just told that genetics have relation with this disease. If a person in a family had or has this problem then there is a chance that other close relations may also get it. Secondly age is another risk factor. People or women aged between 20 to 40 are more vulnerable to this problem. Lastly it is race. Health experts say that this ailment is seen frequently among people of Afro American race than white people. So African American males or females are running at a risk of getting sarcoidosis.

Risk Factors

Here Are Ways To Fight Sarcoidosis In Women:

4. Consulting A Physician Is Very Necessary

If you notice some difficulty or symptoms in any of your vital organs noted above for some period kindly do not ignore this. Consult a physician immediately. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a doctor to determine sarcoidosis. But for this he or she will carry out tests if necessary. There is no particular medicine for this disease. Once it is determined the doctor will prescribe different types of anti inflammatory drug  that will fight inflammation in the organ involved. But for this you have to contact a doctor in first place.

Consulting A Physician

5. Join A Support Group

Sometimes it takes long time to fight the disease. In such case mental or moral support becomes very necessary for a man or woman. There are support groups who can help you in this. Sharing thoughts with others or listening to their advice or experiences can provide the necessary mental support to fight this problem.

Join A Support Group