5 Symptoms, Cause, Riskfactors And Ways To Fight Genital Herpes In Women


Genital Herpes In Women

Virus is one of the foreign agents that give birth to many diseases in a human body. These diseases or ailments involve different parts or organs of the body. Some viral ailments give birth to infections that occur or involve genitals of a man or woman and mainly spreads sexually. Genital herpes is one of such problems. In a woman this disease takes place mainly in areas like groin, outer area of vagina, vagina, cervix and sometimes in mouth also. This is an infectious disease. If it occurs a woman has to take the help of a doctor as soon as possible to fight it. Pregnant women should remain cautious about this illness. Genital herpes in advanced pregnancy can harm the baby in womb.


Health experts or doctors say that sometimes this ailment does not produce any symptom or  produces symptoms very common or mild. But at initial stage like any viral disease fever in a woman can take place along with ache or pain in head and muscle. Along with this sometimes glands around thigh or groin area also can be swollen. After this initial stage occurrence of blister like things takes place  in your body that can include genital area as well as buttock, anus and mouth. With the formation of these blisters a woman can feel sensation like itching or pain in her body. She can have difficulty in passing urine too. Once these blisters burst a sort of ulcer like wound also can be seen that ultimately heals leaving some scab like thing in that place. Doctors say that genital herpes is such an ailment that recurs several time in a human being also.



It is already mentioned that genital herpes is a viral disease. A particular type of virus called herpes simplex or HSV creates this problem in a human body. There are two types of HSV. Of these HSV 2 is the main cause for genital herpes. This virus spreads from one person to another through contact of skin. On the other hand genital herpes due to HSV 1 is less common. Health experts say that persons who practice oral sex are more vulnerable to this. However doctors have assured that this this ailment only occurs due to unprotected sex not by using or sharing anything like any objects or toilets etc.



The main riskfactor of this viral disease is having unprotected sex and sex with more than one unknown partners. Health experts say that if you have a habit of practicing sex with more than one unknown person and one of such partners is infected with genital herpes then you are vulnerable to this problem. Women according to experts are more vulnerable to genital herpes than men. Being woman is another riskfactor of this sexually transmitted disease.


Here Are 2 Ways To Fight Genital Herpes In Women:

1. Talk To A Doctor Immediately

Genital herpes is such a disease that can create several complications in a woman. If you are pregnant with your child then having this problem can be troublesome to the baby. Besides, this ailment makes a woman vulnerable to other STD like AIDS too. Moreover having this problem can make it difficult for a woman to pass urine normally. So if you have more than one partner and noticing a symptom or symptoms like above then you must not loose a moment. Should contact a doctor immediately. The doctor will carry out tests to determine genital herpes exactly. Then he or she will prescribe anti viral medicines that can fight this problem. According to health experts these medicines can’t make the disease go away entirely, But these can help a person so that the disease does not recur again.

Talk To A Doctor Immediately

2. Practicing Safe Sex Is Necessary

As physical contact during sex is the main process through which this virus spreads then practicing safe sex is very necessary. Use a condom during physical intimacy. If you know or somehow suspect that anyone among  you or your partner is having this problem then talk freely before engaging in sexual activity. Health experts say that If you are pregnant and suspect genital herpes in you then ask doctor to carry out a test to determine the disease in you.

Practicing Safe Sex Is Necessary

Sankha Bhattacharya