5 Symptoms, Causes, Riskfactors And Ways To Fight Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal Atrophy

The role hormones play in a human body is enormous. Hormones regulate normal action of different essential parts or organs of a human body. As a result body remains free of health problem. One of such hormones in a female body is estrogen. Estrogen is the prime sex hormone in a woman’s body. Decrease in the level of this hormone gives birth to a condition called vaginal atrophy in women. In this condition thinning of the vagina takes place in  women. The organ looses flexibility, gets dry too. A woman can become victim of urinary problem also. Doctors sometimes refer to this combined condition as genitourinary syndrome. This is an irritating disease in women of mostly middle age. When it occurs a woman should consult a doctor to fight it.


When vaginal atrophy occurs in a woman the main symptom that takes place is discomfort in the vagina specially during sexual penetration. The vagina in this health condition can become less flexible or narrow. Natural lubrication in the organ is decreased. Due to less lubrication vagina gets dry and bleeding can occur due to penetration. Besides a woman can feel itching in her genital also. It is told that in this ailment problem in urination also can occur. A woman therefore can face or sense burning sensation during urination too. It can become difficult for her to hold urine also. Frequent urinary tract infection also can take place.



It is already mentioned that main cause of vaginal atrophy is the lack of estrogen in a woman’s body. Health experts state that there are a few reasons behind this less estrogen or decrease of estrogen. The main reason is menopause. A woman who has menopause can feel this problem in her. However doctors say that women can be victim of this health condition in premenopause state too. Additionally health experts say that not  all women who has menopause will get this ailment. Other causes behind decrease in estrogen can be ovarian surgery, medical procedures like radiation therapy for any cancer etc. Besides these, women who have ailment like Sjogren’s syndrome can also become victim of vaginal atrophy.



The main riskfactor that can involve this ailment is lack of sexual practice or activity in a woman. Experts say that a woman who does not engage herself in sexual practice develops a weak vagina due to less flow of blood in the organ. Other riskfactors include frequent smoking and not normal delivery of child. Experts say that habit of smoking particularly makes the level of estrogen to decrease in a woman’s body and makes the process of menopause to get more rapid.


Here Are 2 Ways To Fight Vaginal Atrophy In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor

Vaginal atrophy is a health problem that can be very irritating for a woman. Besides complication like urinary problem also can take place. That is why if you are feeling or noticing symptoms talked above kindly consult a doctor preferably a gynecologist. The doctor can carry out test to determine the disease exactly. Urine test sometimes is also done if there is symptoms involve. There are different forms of estrogen medicines available that can fight lack of hormone in your body. But only a doctor can advice those.

Consult A Doctor

2. Try To Increase The Lubrication Of Your Organ

In this health problem the female organ looses flexibility and natural lubrication. Sex becomes painful for this reason. That is why experts ask women to use vaginal lubrication found in the market. You can talk to your health advisor in this regard. Besides before engaging in sex talk to your partner and try to increase foreplay before ultimate penetration. Increased foreplay can help you to lubricate your organ too some extent also.

Try To Increase The Lubrication Of Your Organ

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