5 Tips To Get Your Post Pregnancy Tummy Back To Shape

5 Tips To Get Your Post Pregnancy Tummy Back To Shape

Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey.Once you have the baby in your arms you forget everything and your life just revolves around the little miracle.But even though the baby is out you may be surprised to see your tummy which still looks huge,saggy and wrinkly and you get worried if it will ever get back to normal.Your body has gone through lot of pains,aches,scars,weight gain and now slowly starting to heal.It takes time …specially for your tummy.

Here Are Few Tips On How You Can Try To Get Your Tummy Back To Shape:

Belly Wraps

Doctors suggest post pregnancy belly wraps available in any pregnancy or baby stores which works wonders on the tummy muscles.These wraps hold your tummy tight and provide necessary support for the extended belly muscles which carry your weight and helps them to get back to their position quickly.This is an ancient technique used by our grandmothers.Instead of wraps they used long clothes and wrapped them tight on their stomach.However,if you have a C-section then you are recommended to use it after 6 weeks of delivery.

belly wrap


Consult the doctor on when you can start exercising and listen to your body to know if its ready for the workout.Start with simple exercises and slowly try the new ones.Your post pregnancy tummy is all dependent on your genes.For some it reduces very quickly with few exercises but for some they need to work rigorously.Even body is different so do not compare with others.To reduce the sagging tummy work on abs try doing pilates,crunches.But make sure your body is ready for it.



Don’t skip meals.While breastfeeding they say you have to eat more which is true but don’t try to eat more than what is required.Lots of fluids,fibre and low fat foods are recommended if you want to loose weight soon.Watch out for excess calories and fat.

Healthy Eating


Whats best than having a good body massage?.Use any oil,preferably olive oil and massage your tummy in circular directions (clockwise and anti clockwise) with little pressure and I bet you its so relaxing and takes the stress from the tummy muscles and tone them up quickly.Try doing this at least twice a week and it helps to reduce the stretch marks as well.

Colonic Massage


You might have already heard of this.Yes, breastfeeding burns calories quickly and helps the uterus to get back to its pre pregnancy size.Its helps to shrink the tummy quickly but keep in mind that you don’t get flat tummy with breast feeding.You need to exercise.


Hope you find these tips useful.Remember,all moms are of different shapes and sizes and all are beautiful.Keeping good health is a priority and everything else falls next.