7 Ways To Deal With Adult Acne

7 Ways To Deal With Adult Acne

As it is with acne in general, treating it can be quite difficult. The easiest solution is to lead a balanced life, handle stress well and take care of your diet. Sure, that’s easier said than done! In reality, though, where we can’t all afford to do this due to time and budget constraints, there are other ways to treat your adult acne.

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Do It:

 Daily Skin Care

This is incredibly vital to having a nice, smooth skin, adult acne or not. Be careful not to wash more than two times a day, use warm water when dampening the skin (it opens the pores) and cold-ish water when clearing away the soap or product (it closes the pores). Pat the skin when drying it, preferably with a baby washcloth (smoother than others). It’s preferable to use a normal soap and not a heavy rinsing one, as it can hurt more than it does good.

Wash Your Face Frequently

Blue Light Therapy

These rays are used by dermatologists to kill off the bacteria that cause acne. It is mainly used for mild to moderate outbursts of acne. In severe cases, a topical solution might be added.

blue light tharapy

 Tea Tree Oil

According to the 2013 International Journal of Dermatology, which gives veracity to the plant’s healing claims, tea tree oil works against a wide array of bacteria. It can usually be found in soaps, skin washes and topical solutions. Be careful, since to work, the product has to have a minimum of 5% concentration of tea tree oil!

Rinse With Tea Tree Oil


Aldactone was once used to treat high blood pressure. However, recently, it has been discovered it works well with hormones, blocking the androgen hormone and stopping the surges in testosterone ones. Thus, it works as a good choice for treating adult acne caused by hormones irregularities.


 Murad Acne & Wrinkle Reducer

This treatment, easily bought from amazon.com or sephora.com, offers not only a solution to adult acne, by clearing and preventing hormonal breakouts and acne, but also deals with aging, making it perfect for women during their menopause!


Clearasil Action Seal-To-Clear Gel

While it’s only a temporary solution, this gel is used to cover the blemishes (even under make-up, ladies!), protecting them from further harm and sealing the bacteria in. It reduces the size of the pimples and the redness around them in as little as 4 hours!


 Visit A Dermatologist

If either all else fails or you just prefer something tailored to your own needs, then the best thing you can do is visit a dermatologist. A specialized medic can analyze the condition you’re in and design a treatment fit for exactly what you need! Generally, these treatments include the use of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, usually in tandem.

Consult A Doctor

Adult acne is a serious condition that inhibits most people from doing what they would normally do; most of that concerns one’s social life. Therefore, treating the acne is a vital action when it comes to living a normal life! With these tips, you’re now ready to face anything acne might bring to you!

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