8 Best Natural Cures For Jock Itch

Jock Itch

Jock itch is an embarrassing ailment which can drag anyone into an uncomfortable situation. This can affect both men and women. This generally appears in the areas near the reproductive part of the human body. This ailment is contiguous and can be spread by coming in contact. Thus, you should avoid the sharing of personal utilities with anyone affected by the problem of jock itch.

It is always better to control the ailment in its initial stage. To our good luck, we have many effective and tested natural cures for jock itch. These natural cures will help you in overcoming the problems related to the disease named jock itch.

Natural Ways To Cure Jock Itch

1. Garlic

The medicinal property of garlic can be used by us to cure jock itch. The easiest way to use the raw garlic is by taking few cloves of it and crushing them or grinding them into a paste. You can directly apply this paste on the affected areas and leave it for some time. Later wash it off.

The second method to use it is by mixing 2 flakes of crushed garlic in 2 teaspoon of olive oil and applying it on the infected area. You can keep it as long as you want. You may opt for any of the two options and get the same effective result.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used in curing maximum types of skin diseases. Washing the affected area with a solution containing apple cider vinegar can help you overcome the problem of jock itching. You can simply mix 1 glass of water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and wash the required areas.

Let the area dry on its own for better effect. You need to follow this procedure 2 to 3 times a day. Another way of making a healing paste is by mixing half cup of butter, one teaspoon of alcohol and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. You need to place this mixture in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours and then apply it on the infected areas. Do this once a day for a month to get the desired output.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural source of anti-fungal property which helps in cleansing the skin infection. This does not allow the growth of this fungal infection and cures it permanently. You can use it in its raw form. For this you need to take a cotton ball and apply the tea tree oil on the affected area.

Keep this intact for the rest of the day. Do this for minimum 3 to 4 times a day. This will give you instant relief from the extreme itching due to the disease. Follow this simple and quick natural remedy for 15 to 20 days for complete recovery.

4. White Vinegar

This is also an effective natural cure for the concerned problem. You just need to dilute 1 cup of white vinegar in 3 cups of water. Now use this diluted vinegar as the wash for the affected areas. Let it dry on its own for better impact. You may also prepare a mixture with equal amounts of white vinegar and coconut oil.

You need to apply this mixture on the infection, twice a day for visible improvement. However, both the natural remedies with white vinegar will give you instant relief from the itching, whereas, the regular adoption will not let the infection spread to other parts of the body.

White Vinegar

5. Common Salt

As known to all of us, salt has an anti-fungal property which does not allow the fungus to grow. We can make use of this property for treating our ailment as well. You can go for a salt water bath for the same. For this you need to mix generous amount of common salt to your bathing water. You need to use lukewarm water for bath. Salt in lukewarm water can work wonders in the case of jock itch. It is better to use a bathtub for the same, as we need to soak our body for 20 minutes in the prepared salt water.

Common Salt

6. Honey

Honey is a natural disinfectant. Direct application of honey on the infected regions can control the problem. You just need to clean the area with normal water and pat it dry. Later apply raw honey on it. You may also prepare a more effective mixture by mixing honey and a few flakes of crushed garlic.

You can apply this mixture directly on the required areas and leave it for 20 minutes. This will give you a burning sensation but will subside in due course. You will get instant relief from the itchiness. You can also mix olive oil and honey for this purpose. You can also use this mixture directly for treating jock itch. You can choose any procedure and follow it twice a day on regular basis for a month.


7. Onion

This is a very effective ingredient in case of jock itch. It has got essential properties like anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which are useful in treating several kinds of skin infections. You can prepare a paste of onion and directly apply on the affected areas.

Leave this paste on the infection for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Later pat dry the area. You may also use onion juice in place of paste for the same. Do this for three times in a day for getting rid of the problem permanently within a month.


8. Bleaching Agent

You can use bleach for curing your jock itch. You may prepare a solution with 2 teaspoons of bleach in 2 glasses of warm water. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the solution for applying on the infected areas. Leave it for some time after the application for better result. You need to adopt this natural remedy thrice a day for fast cure.

Bleaching Agent