Best Medical Treatments For Hypertension

Hypertension in woman Kidney disease, heart failure, heart attacks and strokes are some of the problems that high blood pressure or hypertension can cause, due to which, it is considered dangerous. The primary purpose of treatment is to lower the blood pressure in order to ensure the protection of important organs like kidneys, heart and brain from getting damaged.

According to research, treatment of hypertension reduces heart attacks by 20% to 25%, stroke by 35% to 40% and heart failure by 50%.

Medical Treatments For Hypertension

Thiazide Diuretics

Sometimes called water pills, diuretics are medications that reduce blood volume by eliminating water and sodium and focusing on your kidneys. Although not the only, Thiazide Diuretics are the first medications used for treatment of high blood pressure.

water pills

If your blood pressure is high even when you are taking a diuretic, consult a doctor and ask about replacing or adding a drug that’s being taken with the diuretic.

Renin Inhibitors

Kidneys produce an enzyme called renin that kicks off a chain of chemical steps, which increase blood pressure. The production of this enzyme is slowed down with Aliskiren (Tekturna). The ability of renin for doing this process is reduced by Tekturna. However, aliskiren should not be taken with ARBs or ACE inhibitors because there is a risk of serious problems like stroke.

Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors

The formation of a natural chemical is stopped by these medications. This chemical narrows the blood vessels and the medication can help them relax.

Beta Blockers

The blood vessels are opened with these medications and thus lessen the workload of your heart by reducing the speed and force of its beating.

Beta Blockers

However, in older adults and blacks, beta blockers might not work that well when prescribed alone. When taken in combination with the Thiazide Diuretic, they are highly effective.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs)L

These medications do not block the formation, but stop the action of the chemical that is known to narrow the blood vessels.

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Calcium Channel Blockers

The muscles of your blood vessels are relaxed with these medications. The heart rate is slowed by some. As compared to beta blockers or ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers work better for older adults and blacks.

However, grapefruit lovers should be careful because some calcium channel blockers can interact with grapefruit. This can put people at a greater risk of side effects because it increases the blood levels. Consult a doctor regarding the interactions.

In case, people have trouble achieving their blood pressure goal with the aforementioned medications, the doctor may give them the following:

Alpha Blockers

Nerve impulses to the blood vessels are reduced by these medications and there is a reduction in the impact of the natural chemicals, which are known to narrow blood vessels.


Vasodilators medicines

Alpha-Beta Blockers

Not only are the nerve impulses to the blood vessels reduced, the heart beat is also slowed by these alpha-beta blockers for lessening the amount of blood that’s pumped in the vessels.

Central-acting Agents

Brain is prevented from signaling the nervous system to narrow the blood vessels and boost your heart rate by these medications.

The arteries will not narrow and the muscles won’t tighten because these medications impact the muscles of your arteries.

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