7 Best Natural Cures For Bursitis


Bursitis is common more among men than women. And common in all age group. Bursitis means inflammation of small sacs filled with lubricating fluid located between tissues such as bone, muscle or tendons in the body. Bursitis is caused due to repetitive movement and excessive pressure. Shoulders, elbows, hip and knees are the most commonly located part of bursitis. Injuries can also result in bursitis. Certain disorder can also result in bursitis. Localized pain, swelling, stiffness, redness or warm to touch are some of the common symptoms of bursitis.

Generally a person who suffers from bursitis may feel the inflammation outside the joints. Bursitis may reduce friction and movement of a patient. Due to severe pain his movement may be restricted. Other than medical treatment people also prefer to treat themselves through natural protocols because it is free from all kind of side effects and lot of people may not opt for surgery and injections. Natural treatments are most economical and can be easily affordable by any class of people.

Natural Cures For Bursitis

Application Of Ice Pack

Ice can be used for swelling purpose. We can crush the ice and put it in a wet cloth and apply it around the affected area. This would help in reducing swelling and temporary relief from pain on an immediate basis.

Ice Pack

A person suffering from bursitis may feel the inflamed area warm to touch during this time application of ice for say 20 minutes may help in giving relief from pain, redness and swelling.


Exercises play a vital role in reducing the pain of bursitis. A person who is suffering from bursitis should be practicing good body posture. A person suffering from bursitis should be performing stretching and. Exercises will help them to strengthen their muscles. Simple exercises help in relief from any kind of bursitis .


Different exercises varies according to kind of bursitis a person may suffer from like knees exercises for knee bursitis or shoulder exercises for shoulder bursitis etc. So patient suffering from bursitis should contact an expert to help guide him better with set of exercise for reducing pain of bursitis.

Castor Oil Pack

Another good remedy to reduce the pain of bursitis is use of cold castor oil pack. We can prepare the pack by placing the heating pad on a flat surface making the setting to high, and lay the plastic garbage bag on top of the pad. The flannel should soak the castor oil and lay them on top of the bag and pad.

Castor Oil

Then we can place the entire pack on the affected area where we feel the pain it help to reduce the pain, stiffness of joints and swelling of bursitis. After a month use a new flannel.

Use Of Ginger Poultice

Ginger is very effective in treating the pain of bursitis. We can also make ginger poultice by crushing ginger roots and further applying it directly on the skin. Ginger can be also orally taken to reduce pain.

Ginger Poultice

Ginger contains anti inflammatory properties and helps in curbing the pain occurred due to bursitis. We can take ginger in tea also. Ginger when mixed with honey also eases pain.

Mixture Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Another natural remedy to reduce the pain of bursitis is application of ointment of apple cider vinegar. We can mix one cup of apple cider mixed with one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and then allow it to boil and directly apply it over affected area of pain once the liquid cools down.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Such kind of mixture reduces the pain occurred due to bursitis. Such kind of ointment will reduce the swelling and redness occurred due to bursitis.

Application Of Cayenne

It is another herbal remedy that alleviates pain occurred due to bursitis. It works as a neurotransmitter that stimulates the nerve that causes pain. It reduces the inflammation and helps in strengthen the immune system. It helps in improving the circulation and works as a pain relief.


It is an excellent herb to fight against any kind of joint pain also. We can make a paste out of some herbal ointment and cayenne and apply directly on the affected area. It generates heat due to cayenne present in the paste and reduces pain.


Generally a person suffering from pain of bursitis should keep precaution related to their health. The person should be totally on rest for few days. Resting will help to disappear of pain in the affected joints.


For the patient it’s very necessary to sore sort still for couple of days if incase the pain increases because movement can cause severe complications and irritation.