7 Best Natural Cure To Easy Bowel Movement

About 70 to 80 percent of people face the problem of normal bowel movement. Bowel problems can occur at any age but after 50 years it is very common among individuals. i.e. defecation. A healthy bowel movement should be soft and easy to pass. There is no frequency to define that one should be having only one bowel movement everyday but if it’s more than three times a day watery stool indicates diarrhea and less than three in a week indicates the problem of constipation.

If the bowel movement is abnormal like change in shape, color, frequency indicates some serious problems like abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. One can treat their problems through injections, painkillers and drugs prescribed by doctors. But natural methods assist easy bowel movement in the best way. Natural approaches are free from all side effects and lot of people prefers to treat the problems of abnormal bowel movement naturally.

Natural Cures For Easy Bowel Movement

1. Dietary Changes

An individual suffering from irritable bowel problem on every alternate day needs to bring about changes in their diet chart. One should be avoiding all kinds of dairy products. Caffeine, sugar, chocolates should be avoided. Fatty oils and butter may be difficult for body to digest.

One should taking high fiber vegetables like turnip, peas, artichokes, broccoli, sweet corn and Brussels sprouts. Fresh fruits like orange, bananas, apple is highly recommended for easy bowel movement. One should also include raisins and dates in daily diet. All these diet indicates healthy and easy bowel movements.

Dietary Changes

2. Exercises

Another good remedy for that stimulates easy bowel movement is through exercises. Exercises play a vital role in digesting the food we eat. Brisk walking is considered best for easy and healthy bowel movement. Exercise helps to get rid from further complications of irregular bowel syndromes.

Exercising also helps in getting relief from constipation problem to a great extent. Yoga and meditation also stimulates easy bowel movement. Different poses in exercises and yoga helps to relax and also increases the blood flow area which helps to loosen the bowel movement and makes it easy to pass.


3. Consumption Of Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be very healthy and helps to produce bowel movement that easy, smooth and soft. People suffering from irregular bowel problems should be consuming green tea at least twice daily. Green tea contains cooling effect on the movements and makes it easy and soft.

Green Tea

4. Water Therapy

A person suffering from irregular bowel movement can look for water therapy as a good natural remedy. Early morning drinking 5-6 glasses of water empty stomach gives relief from constipation problem. Water therapy stimulates easy and smooth bowel movement.

Lot of people practices water therapy because it helps in getting rid from stomach related issues. It helps in proper digestion of food and one doesn’t face any kind of constipation problem. It loosens the area and works as a natural cure for easy bowel movement.

Water Therapy

5. Effects Of Ground Flax Seeds

If you are suffering from irregular bowel problems .You can add ground flax seeds in your eating habits. It makes the bowel movement easy and gives relief from constipation problems. We can consume 2 table spoons of flax seeds with a cup of yogurt. Consume it daily preferably during night. It helps to form easy and soft bowel movement.

Flax Seeds

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6. Eating Cashew Nuts

Another good remedy which helps to loosen and soften your bowel movement is eating cashew nuts. Natural oil can be extracted from cashew nuts. It is rich in fiber contents and probiotics. We can eat handful of cashew nuts early morning empty makes the bowel movement easy and soft. Try and consume cashew nuts at night.

It helps in easy motions during morning hour’s .With consistence use one can get rid of constipation problems. It naturally softens your stool and loosens your area of stool passage. Cashews are considered to be very healthy for digestive system.

Cashew Nuts

7. Homeopathic Treatment

Another good way of relieving oneself from the problem of irregular bowel movement and constipation is through homeopathic treatment. Many people have successfully got cured with help of homeopathic remedies. It is widely accepted by among people.

Some common medicines are Bryonia, Calcarea carbonica and Causticum which helps to reduce the discomfort in passing of stool. When a stool is hard and difficult to pass with homeopathic remedy one can achieve easy and smooth bowel movements. One should consume these medicines only if prescribed by doctors as directed.