7 Best Natural Cures For Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Elbow pain is very common among people. When we blend our arm the long three bones that meet in the middle portion of the arm constitute the elbow. The function of an elbow is to move arm like a hinge front and back and in rotation twisting in and out. Injuries also contribute in elbow pain. Some of the common causes of elbow pain are minor injuries, tennis elbow, tendonitis, Instability of elbow joint, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and golfer’s elbow.  The elbow pain may cause a lot of discomfort and soreness around elbow and may even result in fracture or damage tissues. One can treat elbow pain by consulting physiotherapists who might just give injections and high dose medicines which may turn out to be expensive and doesn’t have long term improvement. Some time surgery is also suggested which may not be favored by many. Another option to get rid of elbow pain is through natural remedy which is cost effective and has long term benefits. Natural approaches can curb pain without any side effects.

Natural Cures For Elbow Pain


Exercise is best remedy that helps in strengthening of muscles. Stretching and cooling down exercises are most common ones prescribed by physiotherapists to reduce elbow pain. A lot of exercises help to relieve pain within 4-6 weeks time. Exercise Warm up exercises and strengthening muscles exercises works well in reducing inflammation. Wrist controlling exercises are also important that helps in further movement of elbow. One should be exercising regularly to get rid of  elbow pain.

Massage With Olive Oil

A person suffering from elbow should try massaging therapy daily to get rid of pain and avoid further complications like surgery. Olive oil massage or mustard oil massage give a smoothing effects and clears pain. Try to massage hot oil over the soreness for 5-10 minutes. Olive Oil Massaging should extend more than 20 minutes and it gives relief from elbow pain and makes wrist movement smoother. One is recommended to do simple firm, lubricated massage from hand to elbow. Massage therapy helps a person to know which is the worst trigger point where the ache is high and helps to reduce ache from particular area after massage.


One of the alternative knock out to reduce elbow pain is rest. Rest helps to reduce inflammation and also alleviates pain to a great extent. In general cases the patient puts a bandage or a splint to reduce his pain and curb the movement over the affected areas. Rest For a speedy recovery of your elbow rest is one of the best natural remedy. A complete rest for few days helps the patient to recovery from any kind of injury and also reduces the rise of further complications.

Benefits Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is most common treatment widely that reduces pain occurred in the body .Acupuncture since centuries have successfully been able to reduce pain to a great extent. Acupuncture is most preventative medicine and helps to ease pain and aches occurred due to elbow injuries. Acupuncture We should always take our physicians advise before going for such treatment .The various stainless needles are inserted in body that further helps to ease elbow aches. It directly reduces inflammation from the affected areas.

Application Of Ice Pack

Elbow pain causes lot of inflammation. To reduce this inflammation one should apply ice cubes directly. Direct application of ice helps to reduce immediate swelling and gives relief from pain. Ice Pack We can also apply ice by wrapping it in towel and plying it for 20-30 minutes at least 2-3 times in a day for speedy recovery. Ice contains anti inflammatory properties that helps to heal the particular affected area quickly.

Effects Of Contrast Hydrotherapy

Another natural way of curing elbow pain and reduce swelling is application of hydrotherapy. A patient can apply alternative hot and cold therapy to curb pain. Hot and cold therapy application helps to improve the circulation of that particular area and also helps to ease ache. Contrast Hydrotherapy We can first apply hot therapy but using hot water bag and applying it over the affected area .Then apply cold ice pack on it. Make sure that at last to finish off with cold pack. With regular use one can alleviate the pain of elbow caused due to minor injuries completely.

Pastes Of Broccoli And Cabbage

Soak some amount of cabbage leaves and apply it on the affected areas. Wrap a towel and leave it overnight. It helps to reduce the pain and swelling occurred in elbow. Pastes Of Broccoli And Cabbage We can make pastes of broccoli and apply it on the pain and wrap it with a towel and leave for 20 minutes. It naturally curbs pain occurred in elbow.