7 Best Natural Cures For Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail tends to be common both among youngsters and old age groups. It occurs when the corner or side of one of your toenails grows into the soft flesh of that toe. It usually affects the big toe either on one side or both sides. Individual suffering from the problem of ingrown toenail may suffer from pain, swelling and redness around the toe. It occurs mainly because of incorrect trimming of nails or wearing tight and narrow shoe. An ingrown toenail could lead to severe infections which may further spread to toe bones and further complications if not treated properly.

If it is left untreated then it might result in abscess or a puss which will only be cured through a surgery. For treating ingrown toe nail pain relievers and surgery is well known techniques but best remedy is through natural protocols having long term effects. Natural treatment is cheap and free from all kind of side effects .People prefer to treat ingrown toenail naturally as it eases pain and discomfort easily.

Natural Cures For Ingrown Toenail

1. Application Of Lemon

We can cut a slice of lemon and place it over the affected area. Then wrap it with gauze and leave it overnight. We can then gently use a wooden orange stick designed for nails, pry open embedded nail until it releases. We can then roll a piece of cotton and place it on the affected area of the toe. It helps to heal the pain and swelling caused due to ingrown toenail.


2. Effects Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil pack has antifungal and anti bacterial properties which helps in treating any kind of infection. We should first clean the infection .We can then add few drops of tea tree oil in a bucket full of water and allow our foot with infected area to soak in it. This will help to reduce the infection caused due to ingrown toenail and helps ease pain and swelling to a certain extent.

3. Soak Foot In Epson Salt

One of the most commonly applied remedy to treat the problem of ingrown toenail is application of Epson salt. It contains natural anti inflammatory properties which helps the embedded toenail to come out easily. We can fill a bucket with warm water and add one fourth cup of Epson salt in it.Then allow our foot with infected area to soak in that water for say around 15- 20 minutes. It immediately gives relief from pain and swelling and also helps the infection to clean up .This process should be repeated daily till we get rid of infection caused by ingrown toenail.

4. Raw Onion Pack

Another natural cure to treat the problem of ingrown toenails is we can soak the affected area in hot water in a bucket and then allow it to dry .After drying thoroughly we can rub the affected area with raw onion.Rubbing the affected area with raw onion or onion juices for about 10 minutes will definitely give relief from pain. Immediately after rubbing with onion wrap the affected area with basil leaf and secure it with a tape and leave it over night. It will reduce swelling and also protects that area from any kind of infection. It eases pain and also allows nail to go straight.

Red Onion

5. Application Of Hydrotherapy

For treating ingrown toenail the patient can soak his foot with affected area in hot soapy water for 20 minutes and then wrap the toe in hot compress and then cover it with a dry towel and leave it overnight. This kind of therapy will help to reduce pain and swelling caused in the toe and also helps the patient toe to recover faster with continuous application.

6. Soak In Salt Water

Another best natural cure is soaking the foot with ingrown toenail in warm salt water. It is one the best cure to treat children as a child skin is very sensitive .We cannot apply all kind of products on their skin .Salt water does not have any kind of harmful effect on a child’s skin. We can fill a basin with warm water and add a small cap of salt in it. Allow to soak the foot in warm salty water for 30 minutes. Repeat this process for 2-3 times daily. It will ease pain and reduce swelling and sensitivity.

7. Homeopathic Treatment

Another way of getting rid of ingrown toenail problem is through homeopathic treatment. We can apply homeopathic calendula ointment to reduce the pain and inflammation caused due to ingrown toenails. But before applying we should first consult with our homeopathic expert and should be used as directed and prescribed by him.