7 Best Natural Cures For Melanoma

Natural Cure To Melanoma

Melanoma is less commonly known among people but around 1% people die every year due to this disease. It is a type of skin cancer. Melanoma means malignant tumor of melanocytes. Melanocytes are responsible for producing the dark pigment. Melanoma can occur in any part of the body but in women it is most mainly found in legs and for men at back.Ultra violet rays and exposure to sun rays may be one of the causes of melanoma. Generally it begins as a mole, sore, lump usually flat irregular shape and uneven color and can change it shape very frequently within days or months.

Melanoma is life threatening.Swelling, redness, itchiness, burning and bleeding or crusting skin may be common symptoms of melanoma. Surgery or radiotherapy is mostly recommended to get rid of this problem. But one can also look for alternative therapies with injections and medicines. Natural therapies can reduce the effect and prevent further complications of melanoma. Natural remedies have tried to control the tumor growth and thus increasing patient’s survival rate.

Natural Cures For Melanoma

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga For Melanoma

Yoga and meditation helps to improve a person’s both physical and emotional health. It helps them to overcome fatigue, depression and anxiety occurred due to melanoma and its related concerns.The physical activities help to balance your body thus reducing stress. One should be exercising that should suit the body like walking in nature parks or light meditation. Spiritual healing and cultural healing through meditation helps to cope and cure the disease in a more profound way.


Acupuncture For Melanoma

Another way of treating melanoma is through acupuncture. The traditional way of inserting the stainless needles at various points helps to reduce the pain and symptoms associated with this disease.Acupuncture also helps to reduce the side effects occurred after radiotherapy. But one should consult his general physician before going for this remedy as each individual is different and how much effective would this treatment be for you.

Ayurvedic Remedy

Ayurvedic Remedy For Melanoma

Another way of controlling melanoma symptoms and prevents further complication is treating the patient with ayurvedic remedies. There are lot of ayurvedic ointments which are commonly used to reduce inflammation, infection and dissolve external tumor. Ayurvedic medicines help in preventing the spread cancer cells within the body and also help to prevent it from reoccurring.Even oral ayurvedic medicines can treat melanoma aggressively. One can combine ayurvedic treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy as it minimizes its side effects. Ayurvedic medicines and ointments are strictly prescribed only by ayurvedic physicians and should be taken only under their direction.

Effects Of Turmeric

Turmeric For Melanoma

Another way of treating melanoma disease is through turmeric. Turmeric contain anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Curcumin found in turmeric spice naturally protects skin from further damage as it contains antioxidants. One should be including turmeric powder daily in their diet to reduce melanoma effects and proapoptotic effects in melanoma cells.One can add it in soups, juices and salads minimum one teaspoon daily as it contains potent fighting substances and also is found in high melanoma capsules. Direct consumption of turmeric powder is always better.

Consumption Of Green Tea

Green Tea For Melanoma

Another way to curb melanoma effects in consumption of green tea. Green tea contains chemicals known as polyphenols, which contribute in providing antioxidant properties.It also contains epigallocatechin gallate which helps from further complications of melanoma and help the certain cancer cells to die. Green Tea should be consumed 3-4 cups daily as it helps to treat melanoma and its effects.

Effects of Garlic

Garlic For Melanoma

A person suffering from melanoma diseases should be including garlic in their daily dietary supplements. Garlic is an antibiotic and also helps in building the immune system stronger.Garlic is very effective in preventing any kind of skin if consumed daily. It contains anticancer properties. One should be consuming it raw daily. It is regarded as natural remedy and works as an anti tumor agent against melanoma.

Intake Of Egg Plant

Intake Of Egg Plant For Melanoma

Egg plant since centuries can reduce the effects of melanoma. One can treat both invasive and non invasive melanoma skin cancer by consuming eggplants daily. One try and consume it raw or via cooking it. But result have shown one should consume it raw without cooking. Egg plants contain curaderm BEC5 that works perfectly on skin melanoma and curbs its effects.Solasodine glycosides, active phytochemicals extracted from eggplant that selectively kill cancer cells and also regular intake can also help to eradicate the melanoma problem completely without opting for surgeries in few cases. A patient suffering from melanoma should naturally start consuming raw eggplant without further delay to get a positive result.