Best Natural Cures For Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples A lot of mothers may be well informed with the problem of sore nipples. Sore nipples means a persistent pain in the nipples that lasts in the entire breast feeding period or nipples hurt while feeding. Lot of new mums face this problem. It is normal to feel pain during breast feeding in the beginning but lasting and severe pain is not normal. Common symptoms of sore nipples may be cracking, pain when the baby latches on that lasts longer than 30 seconds, blisters, bleeding, Nipples that are tender between feedings, fever or chilliness in some case can be felt.

Sore nipple may be caused due to many reasons. It may be caused due some kind of infection or sucking problem in baby or baby may not latch on properly. A mother needs to consult a doctor for sore nipple but with medication mother can always look for natural remedies and treatment for long term healing and better procurement. Natural treatment is more preferred during lactation.

Natural Cures For Sore Nipples

Exposure of Nipples to Air and Sunlight

Exposure to air is very much necessary for healing of sore nipples. The mother should leave her nipples open in air for some time. This will reduce the growth of thrush.

Exposure of Nipples to Air and Sunlight

Mother in such cases should try and avoid wearing bra 24 hours a day. She should try and expose her nipples to proper sunlight also. It helps to strengthen her tissues. She should expose her nipples minimum three minutes in proper sunlight. This will help her to get rid of sore nipples.

Massage Nipples with Natural Oils

A mother should be treating her nipples with effective oil massage. She can apply olive oil, sweet almond oil, lanolin, or comfrey ointment rubbed on her nipples. It reduces the problem of cracks or tears or chapping. A mother should be massaging her nipples everyday twice to reduce soreness.

Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly used ingredient for skin related issues. We can apply fresh Aloe Vera gel on the nipple. We can rub the gel against the nipple. It is non toxic and gives an antiseptic healing effect to your sensitive area.

Aloe Vera Gel

Use of aloe Vera gel reduces the problem of dry bleeding nipples and the leaf will soothe the cracked nipples. It should be applied daily on the nipples.

Cool Compress to Nipples

A mother suffer from the problem of sore nipples should be applying cold therapy on her nipples. She can get some crushed ice and wrap it in a wet cloth and apply on her nipples for say about 10 minutes. This method should be applied before breastfeeding your child.

Cold Compress

It reduces the problem of swelling and works as a local painkiller on your beast. This treatment brings out soft and small nipples making it easy for the child to breastfeeding. Repeat this process at least thrice daily.

Use of Basil Leaves

Basil leave paste is commonly used to reduce soreness of nipples. We can crush some amount of basil leave and make a paste out of it. We can apply this paste on the affected area of nipples like cracks, tears or dryness and bleeding.


It will definitely help in soothing the nipples and after application leave it for some time to dry. Before feeding we can wash our nipples and this procedure should be repeated for 2-3 times daily. It helps to heal the soreness of nipples within few days.

Use of Calendula Officinalis and Chamomile Herbs

Calendula and chamomile is being used for treating sore nipples. Calendula and chamomile herbs contain excellent anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which helps in reducing the soreness of nipples and helps the cracks and tears to get filled.


A calendula ointment is one of the oldest ointment mothers use to strengthen the nipples and regarded as healing ointment. We can prepare chamomile tea bags and put it on the nipples to avoid swelling. Both herbs help to ward off infection and ease pain.

Cleansing of Nipples

One of the most important measures in getting rid of sore nipples is to keep your nipples clean. We should wash it with warm water and try avoiding any kind of soap and deodorants or powder because it might contain alcohol contents which might cause irritation in the nipples and might issues cracks or chapping within nipples.

So gently clean your nipples and then rinse properly. We should always wash our hand before touching the nipples and applying your own milk or colostrums to your nipples at the end of each feeding help to get rid of soreness and ease pain to great extent.