Top 6 Natural Cures For Water Retention

Water Retention

Water retention is a common issue that affects most people residing across the world. This condition can affect people of all ages. However, it usually affects those who are over 40 years of age. This condition is also called as edema, which is an indicator of an ailing health condition.

You can seek professional help to tackle this condition and you will be prescribed diuretics to flush out all the toxins from the body tissues. However, if the underlying cause of this medical condition was owing to heart disease or kidney disease then diuretics would be avoided. In such conditions, you can take the natural cure for water retention, which will help you to treat this condition naturally. Read on to know more about the simple natural cure that will help you to eradicate the water retention in your body.

 Natural Cures For Water Retention

Avoid Excess Salt Intake

When you take excess salt in the food, it can lead to water retention. When the intake of salt is high, the kidneys remove the salt through the urine.

Avoid Excess Salt Intake

When the body fails to flush out the salt that is more than the required amount, then it leads to water retention. Avoid packaged foods or processed foods, as it would contain lots of salt.

Include Yogurt Every Day

The powerful probiotic present in the yogurt helps to flush out all the unhealthy bacteria from your digestive tract. When individuals consume a lot of sweets or sugary foods, it can trigger water retention in the body.


Have a cup of plain yogurt that is unsweetened along with your diet to help in faster digestion and flush out excess toxins.

Include Natural Herbs

Many herbs act as an effective natural cure for water retention as they possess excellent diuretic properties.


Herbs such as dandelion and ginger would help increase the levels of urine to flush out the excess water out of the tissues. However, make sure to consult a doctor before taking these herbs every day.

Include Lots Of Parsley

Parsley possesses wonderful healing powers and possesses natural diuretic properties. Make sure you add a generous amount of fresh parsley to your soups, gravies and other dishes to enjoy its benefits fully.


You can also find pills that contain dried parsley in powder form.

Apply Ice Packs

You can try to apply ice packs on the swollen area to get some temporary relief from the pain.

Apply Ice Packs

Take some ice cubes, wrap it in a plastic bag, and apply it over the affected area to eliminate the swelling. Apply this twice a day to eradicate the discomfort associated with this condition.

Perform Exercises

Performing simple exercises such as walking, jogging, riding bicycle, aerobics or running would target the areas prone to water retention and helps remove the build up of fluid. These exercises will help to reduce water retention as it promotes circulation of blood all over the body.

Perform Exercises

You can also take the stairs instead of lifts, take a walk around your room from your work seat every now and then or do some exercises that focus on your calf muscles to reduce the build up by excess fluids.