Causes And Symptoms Of Spotting After Period

Causes And Symptoms Of Spotting After Period

Spotting or discharge of blood before or after the monthly menstrual cycle has ended can be a cause for concern. Most women are unable to determine the root cause or causes behind the problem of spotting after their menstrual cycle ends. Worse still, many women choose to ignore this problem until it reaches a point where their health is completely compromised.

Normal menstrual bleeding starts after a duration of twenty three to twenty four days. Once menstrual bleeding commences, it can last anywhere between three and five days. However, in some rare circumstances a woman may notice spotting or light bleeding a couple of days after her normal menstrual cycle has ended. The mild spotting in shades of light red to dark brownish red or pink can be caused by numerous factors. Through this article we will explore some of the causes and symptoms of spotting after periods as also the treatment measures that can be adopted to rectify this problem.

Reasons For Abnormal Spotting After Periods

There are numerous factors which can cause abnormal spotting after periods. Sometimes post menstrual spotting can be caused by the uterine incapacity to expel the complete quantity of blood during the normal menstrual cycle. Hormonal imbalance is another culprit responsible for abnormal spotting after periods.

Women who have been taking birth control pills for a long duration of time are likely to notice light bleeding after their monthly menstrual cycle has ended. Women who suffer from major health complications like cancer, diabetes or thyroid disease will also experience spotting after periods. Sometimes the presence of uterine cysts has been determined as the causative factor responsible for post menstrual bleeding. The presence of uterine fibroids or polyps, are the other possible factors which can bring about bleeding after menstrual cycle has ended.

Additional Symptoms Of Spotting After Periods

While the primary symptom of spotting after periods is the discharge of dark brown or red colored blood from the vagina, there are numerous secondary symptoms which accompany the mild bleeding. Women who experience mild bleeding after their menstrual cycle has ended may also complain of nausea, stomach cramps, back pain and the urge to empty their bladder frequently.

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Diagnostic Tests To Determine Abnormal Vaginal Spotting

Doctors may recommend a number of diagnostic tests to determine the causative factor or factors responsible for abnormal vaginal spotting. Some of the more popular tests recommended by doctors to determine the reasons behind post menstrual bleeding include pregnancy test, blood count test, thyroid test, liver test, pap smear test – if the doctor suspects that the woman may be suffering from cervical cancer – or a blood test to detect the levels of the sex female hormone progesterone.

Treatment Measures

Doctors will embark on a treatment measure only after determining the exact causative factor or factors responsible for post menstrual vaginal spotting. For example , a doctor may recommend surgical intervention if he or she suspects that your post menstrual vaginal bleeding is caused by the presence of vaginal polyps or cysts. If the doctor suspects that vaginal spotting is due to an infection he or she may prescribe a course of antibiotic medication.

Take a Course of Antibiotics

  • Rina Racaza

    I’m 43 yo..i do bleed after intercourse for the 2nd time..Please help.

    • sweetwillow86

      Have a smear (pap test) done just in case.

  • cynthia

    I’m concerned its been a week since my last period. The week I finished my period i took a plan b pill. Its been exactly 8 days already simce y last period day. I’m having cramps back pain and a while ago I noticed light bleeding and discharge colored yellowish brown should I be concerned as to get checked or could it be the side effects of the pill ? Help worried

  • Yasmin Taylor

    Hi I’m looking for some advice my period ended on 30th December normal nothing wrong then on the 2nd of January I started bleeding it’s brown I have pain in my Spain and when moving or bending it hurts my right side

    • kendr

      same thing is happening to me most likely its fibroids, ive been boiling cinnamon and drink it like a tea once in the morning and at night. also ive noticed ibprofen helps stop the bleeding. since your side is hurting it could also be a uti. drink lots of water that will help as well and if it dosent stop just go to the ER. or to your dr.

  • Yasmin Taylor

    Found out it was a miscarriage 😞

    • Maria PoeticallyProfound Hammi

      Sorry to hear that

  • Jenn Got It

    I had my period at the end of Dec. and got off New years eve. It was a normal period but the end of 2016 was quite stressful. Due to the stress i started AGAIN on Jan. 3rd! I was angry and very confused but me and my mom figured it was all the stress that made me start basically a month early. After i started on the 3rd i bled for way longer than usual(2 wks). Finally it stopped. But then me and my boyfriend had sex and it comes back. I’m nervous and confused. I’m not on any birth control. And I’d like to know if anyone has been thru something similar or has any advice whatsoever!?

    • sweetwillow86

      I would get that checked out if I was you. It might be a hormonal imbalance, or fibroids or endometriosis or PCOS but it’s best to find out early. Good luck.

  • PriPri

    Im having the same problem. Since December ive been bleeding off and on. Just recently had a regular period on the 6th of February went of on the 9th still spotting now tho. Whats the problem? Been to the doctor and everything came back negative. The doctor suggested that I take birth control? Havent took any yet tho.HELP ME!!!!

    • sweetwillow86

      Hi PriPri I had this problem last year. My periods were suddenly all over the place and I never knew when I was going to start bleeding again. Luckily I’m a trained herbalist so I knew to take Vitex (Vitex agnus castus) a herbal tincture that regulates hormones (don’t worry there are no nasty side-effects). I take 10 drops of the fresh extract (comes in a small dropper bottle) twice daily (morning and night). You might find the first month after you start taking it that your periods are really heavy, don’t panic that’s normal. Within three months your periods should be normal again. Once you period have stabilized do NOT stop taking it as they will be all over the place again (yep I did that even though I knew not to!). Good luck.

      • PriPri

        Thank you soooo much. This is soooo worried and it never happened to me before. So, I dont know whats going on. But I will look into what you told me.

        • sweetwillow86

          You’re welcome. I hope this helps. I don’t know how old you are but if you are in your mid to late 40’s you’re likely entering peri-menopause which will make your periods fluctuated. The good news is that your tests came back negative which suggests it’s nothing too scary just the normal meh stuff we women have to put up with, especially at a *cough* certain time of our life. Do some research on it and you’ll realise it’s not so scary. 😉

  • Latha

    Hi.I got my periods on February 8th and ended by 12th.After completion of my periods till, since 5 days it’s spotting for me till today.And that too very dark in color.I don’t have any health issues and I won’t take any regular pills rather than prenatal.First time spotting has been started for in the month of January.My age is 32.I had my pap smear test in the month of March -2016 and the result is fine everything.

    • Ann

      hi, im experiencing similar symptoms. i got my period February 9th & it ended February 14th. Everything was normal until the 18th, my period came back! i was only spotting darkish brown blood for a few days then that completely stopped. everything was normal again. tonight i got up to use the restroom & when i went to wipe there was a extremely light pinkish color on the tissue. im really worried.

      • Jessie Taylor

        Ann what was the cause

  • Alexis

    So I started my period May 10th, It was 2-3 days early. Month before that it started 4-5 days early. 1-2 days before my period came i was in bed sick, nauseous and my WHOLE body ached. Now it is May 17th my calender says im on my 8th day of my period. My period normally lasts about 5-6 days.

    What is going on?!

  • Subi

    Hi.,I had my periods on 6th of may and ended on 11th may…Two days later I experienced spotting.,then today again I got spotting.,what is the reason behind it?Pls can anyone help me out?

  • Erika Coronado

    Anyone get spotting after their period because of going on the pill? I’m also having back pain and cramps and I’ve been very sensitive lately.

  • Bri

    So I had a heavy period for 5 days and then it went to spotting only – five days if spotting and then I passed a large clot with mucus and stringlike connection between the two large pieces . The one clot was bigger than a quarter and the one attached was slightly smaller than attached quarter . I thought/was attemoting to have attachedttemtping bowel movement and had cramps in my low back when l
    this clot came out . Not on a birth control .
    Thiughts ??

  • Brenda Vela

    I had my period oct 21-26 and on the 30th I had intercourse and five days later I started spotting for a day and half. Now 5 days later from the first time spotting Im spotting when i wipe. What can possibly be going on🙄🤔😞has this happened to anyone. Btw this is the first time it has ever happened to amd Im 35 yrs