Certain Diet And Exercise Myths You Need To Know About

Certain Diet And Exercise Myths

Certain Diet And Exercise Myths Some of us tend to follow the strictest of diets and exercise regimes in order to lose weight only to find out that at the end of the ordeal, we would have actually gained weight instead.

Not surprising to hear! For even if you tend to adopt the most stringent of measures to lose weight, you need to be aware of certain loop holes that can act as diet traps when given the chance.

So if you are one of those individuals who constantly wonder as to where you go wrong in the diets and exercises you follow to reduce weight, here are some of those diet traps you need to look out for.

Dieting well and exercising right is only half the job well done. If you want to really lose weight, you would need to avoid these diet traps that have the potential to sabotage your fitness regime big time!

Certain Diet And Exercise Myths

The Danger Time zone

Certain Diet Myths

Many times it has been noted that individuals who diet and exercise regularly tend to become careless late in the afternoons or evenings and end up consuming more calories than they could burn off in a day. These would be the times when your stomach starts growling for an instant snack. Controlling these cravings and hunger pangs could actually help you stay away from putting on oodles of weight instead of losing it.

What Fits For Everybody Fits For Me

Diet And Exercise Myths

You know your body best. And so when you opt for a diet or exercise regime, you need to choose one that would work in par with your body condition and constraints, and not push you into desperate situations wherein you need to stuff yourself with food to stay energized.

So stop following fitness regimes that work for others. Choose one (the guidance of a fitness expert would help) that would help you lose weight without necessarily forcing you to opt for alternate means (most of the time it’s food) to remain active.

Too Much Of Anything Is Harmful As Well

Certain Diet Myths

Of course eating too much can be harmful for the body. However, starving yourself or opting for rigorous workouts is also not considered safe for the same. Diets and exercises do help you reduce weight.

However, too much of them, and your mind would start asking for more food to survive. And when that occurs, there’s no telling how your body would react to the situation (in most cases your mind and body would move immediately to the next closest food counter available).

Confusing Hunger And Thirst

Know Diet And Exercise Myths

The next time you are affected by a sudden hunger pang, drink some water first to see if the hunger subsides. If it doesn’t, opt for a healthy snack to take care of the same. But if it does, then no doubt about it!

Your body was probably dehydrated and needed some water to replenish itself. And that is what appeared to you as a sudden hunger pang. Try this trick every time you get a hunger pang to stay safe from fatty foods and extra calories.

Burning The Late Candle

know About Diet And Exercise Myths

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Of course if you work in a night shift, you would not be able to sleep at nights. But this piece of advice would work for you in the daytime as well. It is a known fact that the body requires at least 6-8 hours of solid sleep every day.

If you compromise on this factor, your body would start tiring out easily and keep prompting your brain to signal you for additional reinforcements in the form of foods. So make sure that you get the required amount of sleep everyday to avoid putting on weight, in addition to actually burning extra calories when you sleep.

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Friends Count

The worst part of hanging out with a gang is being forced to eat if the members are overeaters as well. If you find yourself hanging out with such a group, you would know instantly that all the diets and exercises that you strictly follow are in vain.

For when your group binges, you would be compelled to binge with it. So stay away from these kinds of groups, no matter how close their members may be to you. Come up with excuses to avoid hanging out with the group in restaurants, pubs, cafes or other eateries that could potentially land you in trouble.

The Power Of The Commercial

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When was the last time you actually switched off the TV or changed channels when a foodie commercial came on air? In most cases, the answer is probably never. Food commercials are designed in such a way that they entice the customer enough to create a sudden hunger pang.

And even though the individual in question would probably not be able to order the food he/she saw on TV immediately, he/she would most probably opt for the next alternative, an instant snack at home without minding about the calories involved.

If you find yourself falling into this diet trap often, the best way you can come out of it would be by switching off the television whenever you see a commercial that involves food. It would be pretty hard the first few times, but would become easier as you get used to it.