6 Common Causes Of Vaginal Sweating

Causes Of Vaginal Sweating

Though vaginal sweating is not exactly a disease that requires serious attention, most women, at some point in their lives have gone through this irritating problem that can lead to secondary problems like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, fungal infections and other skin irritations. The major reasons for vaginal sweating can be many and most of them can be controlled adequately to prevent infections.

Common Causes Of Vaginal Sweating

Synthetic Clothing

Synthetic Innerwear Cause Vaginal Sweating

The most common cause of vaginal sweating is the use of synthetic clothing like nylon. Synthetic clothing will increase the heat in the vaginal area as it cannot absorb the sweat from the body. Excessive heat will lead to excessive sweating which can cause bacterial build up and skin allergies as well. It is therefore important to use cotton undergarments which can absorb sweat and leave your vaginal area cool and well protected.

Tight Clothing

Tight Clothing Cause Vaginal Sweating

Tight clothing, especially in the summer months can lead to excessive sweating in the vaginal region. Lack of air circulation and excessive perspiration can lead to bacteria getting trapped in the vaginal area, leading to bacterial vaginosis, skin allergies and boils that can leave your skin rough and prone to fungal infections due to the moisture. Always make sure that your undergarments are not too tight to prevent sweating.

Pubic Hair

Though pubic hair is necessary for protection of the pubic region, excessive pubic hair can harbour bacteria and cause excessive sweating as well. Remove excess pubic hair from the vaginal region, especially during the summer months to avoid excess sweat from causing problems.

Hormone Problems

Thyroid Problem Cause Vaginal Sweating

Sometimes, the excess sweating can be due to hormone imbalances in the body. Thyroid problems can lead to excessive sweating of the body and this can increase vaginal sweating as well.  In such cases, you must seek medical treatment so that the hormone problems can be rectified and the vaginal sweating set right.

Ill Hygiene

It is necessary to keep the vaginal area clean and dry at all times. Sometimes, the excess sweating and odour in the vagina can be due to lack of proper hygiene.

Daily Shower Reduce Vaginal Sweating

Lack of daily shower and cleaning of the vaginal area will lead to excessive sweating and development of infections due to bacterial action. It is important to shower at least once a day and keep the vagina area clean and free of moisture to prevent illnesses later on.


At times, sweating of the vaginal area and other parts of the body can be triggered due to hormone fluctuations that lead to menopause. Sweating like hot flashes, night sweats etc. are symptoms of approaching menopause and menopause which can lead to sweating in the vaginal region as well. These symptoms can be controlled greatly through hormone replacement therapy, natural methods and also through the use of loose and cotton clothing with layers of materials.

Menopause Cause Vaginal Sweating

Ensure that the room and surroundings have good air circulation to avoid excessive sweating due to menopause. However, vaginal sweating due to menopause should not be confused with vaginal dryness which is also a symptom of menopause.

Common Causes Of Vaginal Sweating

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    Interesting, but still doesn’t answer the question for me. I do all these things. The groin area is packed with 2 kinds of sweat glands. It’s usually that area that is sweating, not the vagina. It just feels like the va j j when your underwear is soaked! You can use anti l perspirant in the groin area but don’t spray, apply with a cotton ball or pad.

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    wow, this is really a useless article and not well written. “Daily Shower Reduce Vaginal Sweating” – great writing there. And no, it doesn’t.

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    I know this is old news, it sure is but nothing has changed with the vagina and sweating. You are correct I’m a guy some might be even thinking what does he know about vaginas sweating, I probably know as much as most of the ladies, and more than some. You experience it I am closer to the effects the fallout if you will, if a vagina isn’t taken care of daily with proper hygiene especially in hot weather, it’s the place to avoid. We’re all human beings, sweat that can’t escape that area by tight clothing, when non cotton undies are worn has a distinct odor, you will get an occasional smell like when you pee, I will get a constant nose fill if I were your significant other. I’m not writing this to be disrespectful, I want to add something, if you don’t use common sense, I’m pretty sure you all do, but if not don’t think because you are wearing clothing on top of your undies it’s a filter because it’s not. You also have the heat that you can’t prevent when you’re sitting and your legs are closed, one other thing that area is usually moist or wet, it doesn’t help.