8 Early Pregnancy Myths Busted

8 Early Pregnancy Myths Busted

8 Early Pregnancy Myths Busted

There are some people who really don’t want to rush into taking medical testes or even peeing on the stick. One of the factors also for not taking tests could be that you are probably not expecting pregnancy. And even if you are, you want to go the old school way of detecting pregnancy and only take the test later. However, it should be remembered that though these signs are hints of being pregnant, you could be really wrong. So it is true that the only sure shot method of detecting pregnancy is only via tests. Here are some signs that are often associated with pregnancy, but may turn out to be something else.

Here Are Some Early Pregnancy Myths Busted:

Missed Period

This usually happens when you are pregnant. Your period could be delayed and you are already guessing that good news is here. Of course, period delay could be due to other factors too. But usually, pregnancy is the reason for this delay in most cases. So you once you are overdue for about a week, it is time to take that test just to be sure. If the test is negative, the chances are that your period could delayed due to illness, stress, fatigue or even conditions like ovarian disorders.

Missed Period

Higher Body Temperature

High basal temperature is another typical sign of pregnancy. This usually happens once you conceive. But some individuals may be experiencing higher body temperature due to other factors like disease or infection. If you are noting high body temperature of more than 100 degree celsius, chances are that you have some other illness.


Tender Breasts

Soreness in the breasts or tenderness in the breasts also happens during periods. It is one of the hormonal changes that the body undergoes and with age, this problem tends to aggravate. So though it is an early pregnancy symptom, it could also be that delayed period is causing a few changes in the body and not really pregnancy.

Tenderness Of The Breasts


Naseau is associated with early pregnancy signs. But at times, stomach infections and other related disorders cause the same, like food poisoning. So think about what you are eating before concluding that you could be pregnant.

Stomach pain


Frequent urination at the oddest hours is one of the common signs associated with pregnancy, but it is also a sign associated with thyroid and diabetes. If you were really not planning a baby, chances are that you could be suffering from either one of these problems.



Spotting is assumed to be implantation bleeding in most cases. However, not all women have implantation bleeding. Another factor is that some women may experience spotting due to internal ovarian cysts or tumors that prevent regularization of your period.


Pain In The Back

As the uterus starts expanding to prepare for pregnancy, back pain becomes a common problem. This is not really the case in most early pregnancy but some women do suffer from it. However, back pain is associated with poor posture, wrong chair or lack of exercises. So make sure you test before jumping with joy.

back Pain

Bloating In The Stomach

Stomach bloating is experienced during period or right before you are about to get your period. This is a common sign associated with pregnancy too. However, bloating also happens because of water retention, excessive consumption of salt in the body and weight gain.

Stomach bloating

It should be remembered that if you are experiencing all of the above signs then the chances are you are pregnant. But remember that medical tests and home kits are the sure shot ways of confirming the same.