13 Effective Home Remedies For Acne Scar

Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples. They are caused by the oil glands located under our skin, known as sebaceous glands. During puberty these glands begin secreting the oil which finds its way up through hair follicles. If there is a blockage then it leads to pimples. People who suffer from extreme case of acne are also left with acne scars on their faces. The scars are like dents on the skin and at times show a little inflammation and redness. It not only has a bearing on one’s physical appearance but also self-confidence.

Effective Home Remedies For Acne Scar

A number of over the counter ointments are available for people suffering from acne and its scars, however, most of them, especially the herbal ones contain ingredients that are easily available at home. The subsequent read will introduce you to these simple and effective home remedies which if followed regularly will definitely help you get rid of acne and its scars.

1. Tender Coconut Water

Extract tender coconut water and keep it in fridge. Immerse a cotton ball in the water and apply it all over your face especially the areas with heavy acne scars. Do this three to four times in a day regularly over a month and you will definitely find your skin smoothening.

Coconut Water

2. Homemade Face Packs

You can prepare your own special face packs at home devoid of any harmful chemicals. These face packs also present minimum chances of skin redness and allergies. Best results can be obtained from face packs if they are applied after steaming the face. The steam opens your pores and goodness of these packs is absorbed right in. Let us discuss the ingredients of these face packs and possible combinations.

Face Packs

3. Sandalwood

Rub sandalwood on a stone or pestle with water until you have around two spoonful of it. Alternatively sandal powder is a more convenient option. Add water to it or milk, if your skin is not too oily. Apply it all over your face. Let it dry for about half an hour. Wash it off with cold water.


4. Neem

Neem is known for its anti-septic properties. The face pack made out of neem does not only help with the scars but also prevents further infection caused due to pus formations under the pimplesAdd water to a bunch of neem leaves and blend until smooth. Apply this paste in your face and rinse. Also, you can boil a bunch of neem leaves until the quantity of water reduces to half. Strain this water and use for rinsing regularly.


5. Rosewater

Rosewater is a well known cleansing agent. It clears the face of its impurities and deep cleans. You can take any of the other mentioned ingredients like sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth, neem paste and add half2-3 teaspoons of rosewater to it before applying the pack.


6. Almond Oil

Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is recommended for stretch marks, wrinkles and scars. Clean your skin and apply almond oil and keep it overnight. This will help in shrinking the scars. You can mix one part Almond oil, half part coconut oil and half part Rose oil for the best result.

Almond Oil

7. Honey

Honey has moisturizing properties and it instantly smoothens the skin on fine wrinkles. Regular use of honey therefore can reduce the scars caused by acne. Honey can be mixed with one part lemon juice for brightening as well as scar reduction results.


8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera creates suppleness in the skin of your face. The suppleness automatically reduces the visibility of the scar. Also, it is a great moisturizing agent which can help in controlling the damage caused by acne scars. People who have oily skin should use Aloe Vera to moisturize their skin as it does not pose the risk of acne problem. Just cut the Aloe Vera and apply directly on your face. Keep it as long as possible. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

Aloe Vera

9. Cucumber

Extract cucumber juice and apply directly on the face. Alternatively you can add cucumber juice to Gram flour or besan. If your skin is a little dry then add a few drops of coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it until dry. Rinse with rose water.


10. Lime

Lime has skin brightening and tightening properties. Add a spoonful of lemon juice in a teaspoon of honey. Apply and let it rest for at least and wash off.


11. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil moisturizes and lightens the marks on your body. If your skin is not oily then a direct application of coconut oil on scars with cotton is recommended. However, if you have an oily skin, mix one spoon of oil in gram flour or fuller’s earth. Apply and leave until dry. Rinse with water. If it still gets too oily, then wash away with your regular face wash.

Coconut Oil

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12. Sugar Exfoliation

When skin is inflicted with acne scars, chemical exfoliation can turn bad to worse. This is why, sugar exfoliation is a better and recommended way to exfoliate your skin and lighten the scars. Exfoliation also clears the tract of hair follicles and thereby reduces the incidence of acne. Add Two spoons of rosewater to sugar and let the sugar dissolve to the extent where the grains are reduced to half of their size. Ones done, add a teaspoon of honey and exfoliate.

Sugar Exfoliation

13. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth is extremely cooling and can give you a glowing skin if used right. It removes impurities and fine wrinkles. With regular use it can fade away the acne scars on your face. Take two parts fuller’s earth, add one part sandalwood powder or one tablespoon sandalwood paste, to this add one spoonful of honey.

Add quarter cup of milk to give it a paste like consistency. Add a teaspoonful of Lemon juice in to it. Apply evenly and let it dry for half an hour. Rinse with cold water. Make sure that while the pack is on your face, you keep your face calm so that there are no laughing lines on your face.These wonderful home remedies are easy to follow and not complicated to prepare. A few ingredients that are available and suit you the best, can be taken and blended together for fading the acne scars and giving you a beautifully smooth and glowing skin.