8 Effective Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Heel pain should not be ignored. If ignored, many different problems may arise related to foot. Best and effective treatment is required. Home remedies has 0% side effects and best treatment for heel pain. It is very common. 70% of people suffer from heel pain due to lack of care and not wearing proper shoes. Eat and drink healthy. It may occur to people aged after 35 to 40 and to children aged 8 to 15. Several things may cause heel pain.

Proper treatment should be applied on the pain. Do not buy expensive products from the market to reduce pain like heel seats, heel cups and heel pads. Cheapest way of curing heel pain is home remedies. Things are easily available at home. Rest and self care is necessary. Apply some effective home remedies on the it.If heel pain is not decreasing please contact your doctor. There are some good and easy home remedies to cure heel pain.

Effective Home Remedies For Heel Pain 

Ice Is Best Remedy

Ice is good for any pain. Take some ice cubes and crush it. Put the crushed ices in the plastic bag and apply it on the affective area. Will give relief in heel pain and swelling. You can also take frozen vegetable packets. Do not apply ice directly. Wrap it with the towel. Apply ice more than 10 minutes. Do it twice a day.

Ice Pack

Relax and pain less for some times. You can also use paper cup to put ice in it. Massage it gentle. It is one of the best remedy to reduce any pain and swelling. Quick and easy home remedies for hell pain. It is know as ice therapy. You may also dip you heel on the cold water. Do not ice water it may cause harm.

Massage Best Remedy

Massaging the affective area can also make you relief from the pain. It is very effective home remedy for heel pain. Massaging helps in proper circulation and muscles relaxing. Massage it with lukewarm oil. It gives quick relief. Will feel pain less and stress free. Heel pain will be cured. Easy and effective home remedy.


Or if possible massage with pain killer cream. Massage at night will help a lot. Massage two times a day for a week. After massage relax yourself for few minutes. It will reduce pain and also help in heel spurs. It is good for any kind of pain. Oil like rhuma oil and coconut oil.

Self Care And Rest Is Necessary

Take rest as much as you care. It makes the pain reduce. After any treatment need to take rest. Put your feet up and in a rest condition. Safe care is also necessary to do. Avoid walking barefoot and provide less stress which is harmful of the foot. It can cause more pain to the heel. Apply effective treatment to reduce heel pain. Wear proper shoes which are comfortable for heel and you.


People who are suffering for heel pain can do many different activities like swimming and cycling. Eat healthy. Avoid heavy work. Some home remedies are easy to do so apply them. Do not walk on uneven surface. Not only rest will help from heel pain apply some proper treatment and than take rest. It will work. Self care and rest is must to apply. Drink water.

Try Using Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

It is available at home. Take few mustard seeds and grind it. Take half bucket of warm water and add grind seeds to the water. Dip your feet for 15 minutes. Do it once or twice in a day. Will control pain, swelling and proper circulation. Best for heel and foot pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Wet a towel with apple cider vinegar. Wrap the towel on the affective area. Change it after every 5 minutes. Need a hot and cold wrap of vinegar. It is good for foot pain and heel pain too. It used in many problems like ringworm, burn and nail infections. Do it for 10 to 15 times in a one times. Use twice or thrice in a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Do it for few week and help in reducing pain of heel. Do not use for normal vinegar. Soak a towel in the vinegar and remove extra water. Apply on the heel pain. Also reduce foot pain and foot spurs by using this home remedy.


Cornstarch is another effective home remedy. Just apply cornstarch to the heel pain and leave it for few minutes. Do not use hot starch. It will damage your skin. Warm or cold cornstarch is needed. Will reduce pain. Very much useful. It is a natural home remedy.


You can even make cornstarch at home. Boil 1 glass of water and add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch powder. A thin paste will appear. Wait till the paste is warm and apply it. Quick and easy remedy. It is easily available at home. Even at the market.

Hot And Cold

We need hot and cold water. It is well known as hot and cold therapy. Take two bucket of water. In one bucket warm water and in another bucket cold water. Put your heel dip in water. 5 minutes in each water.

Hot And Cold

Help in reducing heel pain, swelling, foot pain and improves in circulation. Even many doctors say to do this home remedy. Do it for 2 to 3 times in a day. Use this remedy for 2 weeks. Alternative method is you can take hot and cold bag. Good and effective remedy.

Remedy Which Is Used From Long Time

We need carom seeds, kalaunji, fenugreek seeds and saboot isabgol. Take all the things equally. Mix it well and eat 1 tablespoon. Consume daily till there is heel pain. It may be a slow treatment but easy and effective. Eat this mixture empty stomach in the morning. Do not eat much.

Carom Seeds

If you want, you can grind this mixture little. This remedy is popularly and known as dadi ma ki nukshay. This natural remedy is been applied from long time. Things are also easily available. Only 1 tablespoon is enough. Good for heel and foot pain.