7 Effective Natural Cures For Cracking Feet

Natural Cures For Cracking Feet

Another term for cracked feet is heel fissures and is common among all ages. People suffering from cracked feet occur when a person pays less attention and care to her feet or lack of moisturizing. In few cases it may be caused due to dietary deficiency. In general cases cracked feet aren’t harmful but if cracks are deep and painful then it may bleed and give rise to serious infections.

Cracked feet are regular linear cut wounds affecting the surface level comprising of epidermis. Women generally are ashamed of cracked feet. A person suffering from cracked feet may often face certain problems like red and flaky patches, peeling and cracked skin, itchy skin, bleeding or discharge from the cracks. Natural treatments are considered to be very effective in healing cracked feet and they are cost effective also. Only in extreme cases one need to consult a doctor otherwise natural approaches gives easy and a speedy remedy to cracked feet.

Natural Cures For Cracking Feet

1. Massaging With Olive Oil

A good natural remedy to cure cracked feet is to massage your feet regularly with essential oil like olive oil. It contains moisturizers which help to heal the cracked feet. We can massage with olive oil on the feet in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes and then wear a pair of socks.

Leave the Olive oil for minimum 1 hour after wearing the socks. Then wash it with cool water. Regularly using this treatment for 2-3 times a day is considered to be very effective in reducing the pain and dryness caused due to cracked feet. It eliminates the problem of cracked feet.

Massaging With Olive Oil

2. Dietary Remedies

Sometimes cracked feet can also occur due to dietary deficiencies. Lack of minerals like zinc and omega fatty acids can also contribute to cracked feet. One needs to improve on dietary supplements to get rid of cracked feet. One should be including broccoli, beans and other green leafy vegetables in their diet.

One should also increase the intake of calcium and vitamin E products such as cheese, organic raw milk, nuts, whole grain products, wheat germ in their daily diet. These products will help to reduce the deficiency occurred within the body and also help to heal the problem of cracked feet.

Dietary Remedies

3. Application Of Banana

Another good natural remedy that heals completely heals the problems of cracked feet is applying banana to your cracked feet. We can take two overripe bananas and blend it properly to form a thick creamy paste out of it. Apply this thick pasted over the cracked feet for minimum 15 minutes and then rinse it first with Luke warm water and then with cold water. It provides silky and smoothing effects over the foot and heals cracked feet.

Application Of Banana

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4. Glycerin Paste

Another powerful remedy to eradicate the problem of cracked feet is applying glycerin. One can use it in 2 ways. We can mix glycerin with rose water and apply it daily. It can be very effective and within 2 weeks one will get rid of cracked feet and it gives silky effect to the feet. One can also make a paste of glycerin by adding some amount of glycerin, pinch of salt, rosewater and lemon juice. Apply this paste for some time and then wash it with warm water. This remedy is very effective is curing cracked feet.

Glycerin Paste

5. Warm Water Therapy

Another good way of getting rid of cracked feet is warm water therapy. One can fill a bucket of warm water and add drops of liquid soap in it. Stir it properly to make it milky. Then soak your feet in this water as it helps to loosen the dead cells and scrub the area with pumice stone. Rinse it with clean water and pat your feet with clean dry towel applying moisturizer. This remedy is very useful in healing the cracked feet.

Warm Water Therapy

6. Application Of Paraffin Wax

One can also use paraffin wax to cure cracked feet. One can take some amount of paraffin wax and allow it to heal mixing 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and making a smooth paste out of it. Then rub the paste over the dry skin cells on the feet. Follow this remedy at night preferably before going to bed. After applying the paste of wax wear a sock and wash your feet properly the next morning. In 2 week’s time one can see the effect.

Application Of Paraffin Wax

7. Homeopathic Treatment

One can apply homeopathic medicines to get rid of cracked feet. Application of calendula ointment will surely help in healing the itchy dry cracked feet within a week’s time. It is one of most prescribed and known remedy for curing cracked feet.

Homeopathic Treatment