Effective Natural Cures For Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is common among people. The nerve damage can either be acute or chronic kind of injuries that occurs to nerve fibers in any part of the body. Three kinds of nerve damages are generally observed in a person – Neurotmesis is the most severe form of nerve damage, Axonotmesis is a less severe form of nerve damage and Neurapraxia is the mildest type of damage. Nerve damage can occur in any part of the body and mostly affects diabetic patients.

Nerve damage causes chronic pain or unbearable pain, Partial or complete loss of feeling, partial or complete paralysis, and Muscle disuse atrophy. A neurologist in case of nerve damage can only suggest surgery which is either life threatening or may give rise to complication.

After the age of 50years neuropaths also feel that surgeries are little difficult. Another option is naturopathy. Natural remedies have successfully tired to give relief from nerve damage problems. It may not eradicate the problem completely but its measures are very effective. These remedies don’t contain any side effects.

Natural Cures For Nerve Damage

1. Physical Therapy

Muscle activities help the nerve to heal faster. Physical therapy is mostly recommended as it keeps the joints flexible. Easy and simple exercises help the patient to ease pain. These exercises should be performed strictly under physiotherapists. Yoga and meditation also helps to soothe the burning sensation caused due to nerve pain.

Special medication centre’s are developed where they different exercises are performed varying according to a kind of nerve damage of a person. Yoga and meditation also helps to give relief from stress and also provides relaxation. A person suffering from nerve damage should be exercising regularly to ease pain and cure nerve damage naturally.

Physical Therapy

2. Assistive Devices

Nerve damages usually causes muscular weakness. One might need some kind of devices which might help them to ease pain and move around with it. In earlier centuries splints and cane were designed for such kind of pain. Now ergonomically certain devices like chairs, desks and foot devices are designed which provides them with quick relief and helps to strengthen their muscles. These kinds of devices should be made in respect with doctors concern.

Assistive Devices

3. Acupuncture

A lot of people trust acupuncture therapy and it methods of injecting stainless needles to various parts of the body to ease pain caused due to nerve damage. It is believed that acupuncture helps to release chemicals from the body that helps to numb pain and also helps to block the pain signals which sent from the different nerves present in the body.

But only under doctors preview this kind of remedy is performed and a mixed kind of reaction is always observed in this kind of treatment. But one can rely with regular use acupuncture has healed the problems related to nerve damage to a great extent.


4. Homeopathic Treatment

A lot of people can opt for homeopathic treatment which is cost effective and without any side effects. Homeopathy since ages is considered to be deeply curative medical alternative of all kinds of health concerns and care systems. Homeopathy helps to target the problem and reverse the effects. The medicines help to repair the nerve damage, thus promoting long term well-being.

The most common remedies for homeopathic treatments are arnica which strengthen muscle or nerve injuries, Colocynth is another good remedy to ease nerve pain and Gnaphlium is a remedy of unquestioned benefit in repairing nerve damage. But one can achieve best results only under consultation of homeopaths as directed and which treatment suits the best according to types of damages.


5. Dietary Supplements

Nerve damage usually happens due to many physical or metabolic concerns. One should be consuming food that helps to ease the aches and pain occurred due to nerve damage. One should be completely avoiding dairy products if suffering from nerve damage. Should be consuming lot of green leafy vegetables daily in their diet.

One should be consuming avocados, nuts and whole grains daily. One should increase the omega fatty acids daily like fish, salmon and mackerenel. Include antioxidant ingredients like turmeric, cloves, pepper and nutmeg daily. Try to use thyme oil also.

Dietary Supplements

6. Use Of Ginger

Another good natural way to heal nerve damage is use of ginger. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammation causing nerve pain and damages. One can take ginger, make ginger tea and use it in cooking as well.One should be consuming 2-3 cups of ginger tea daily to ease nerve pain and repairs nerve damage.


7. Effects Of Black Cohash 

Another herbal way of treating nerve damage is with black cohash. One can take 1/2teaspoon with water in tincture form as it antispasmodic to muscles and nerves repairing nerve damages.

Black Cohash