Effective Natural Cures For Sore Tongue

Sore Tongue

Sore tongue is common to all as people once in their life time can experience sore tongue. It can reoccur numerous times even after being treated. Several conditions can cause sore tongue. Tongue problems can occur because of some kind of infections, tumors, chronic medical conditions, trauma, or toxins. Pain in tongue is known as glossodynia. People suffering from minerals and vitamins deficiency may tend to develop sore tongue. Soreness can also occur due unhealthy eating habits.

Burning tongue, discomfort, enlarged papillae where tongue becomes inflamed or irritated is the common symptoms of sore tongue. In general cases sore tongue is nothing to worry about as it clears of within a period of two weeks. But incase the sore tongue doesn’t clear in 2 weeks one should consult a dentist because it can cause serious unhealthy concern. One can treat sore tongue effectively and easily through natural remedies. Natural remedies do not only provide relief from pain but also hasten the healing process. It is cheap, affordable and free from all side effects.

Effective Natural Cures For Sore Tongue

Gargling With Warm Salty Water

One of the effective and easy remedy to treat sore tongue is to gargle with warm salty water. Sore tongues are can be healed with Luke warm salty water. It helps to clean the mouth and also helps in curing process of sore tongue. One can gargle for minimum five times in a day so as to help in curing process.

Gargling with salt water

Effect Of Alum Paste

Another good remedy to cure sore tongue is to prepare an alum paste. We can take an alum fry it so as to dehydrate. We can make a powder out of it add some amount of honey to it.

Alum Paste

Grind the paste for some time and apply it on the affected areas of sore tongue twice daily. It helps to get rid of pain and swelling occurred due to sore tongue. With regular use one can get rid of sore tongue within a week’s time.

Eating Food Habits

Another way to ease tongue sore pain is through healthy food habits. A person suffering from sore tongue should be avoiding salty, spicy and acidic foods. One getting trouble from sore tongue should be avoiding smoking. One should be consuming foods rich in vitamin C like broccoli, red and yellow bell pepper, raw tomatoes and muskmelon.

Eating Food Habits

Curd and rice should be included in daily diet chart as it effectively helps to alleviate burning sensation occurred on tongue. One should also include banana, apples and oranges daily as it helps to get rid of soreness.

Increase The Intake Of Fluids

Another good way of treating sore tongue is to increase the intake of fluids. One should regularly consume a glass of hot milk and add a spoon of turmeric. It helps in curing tongue sore faster. One can also consume tomatoes juices at least once daily. One should also start consuming herbal teas like chamomile tea and peppermint tea is very effective reducing soreness.

Increase The Intake Of Fluids

These teas effectively help in reducing pain and sensation aroused due to tongue soreness. During sore tongue one should consume more of green soups and fluids as chewing foods becomes very difficult and give rise to severe pain in the affected areas.

Application Of Glycerin

One of the best natural remedy to cure sore tongue is to treat it with glycerin. One can effectively apply glycerin on the affected parts of tongue. It helps to reduce the pain and gives relief from the burning sensation occurred on the tongue due to soreness. A lot of people apply glycerin overnight and rinse it with water in the morning. It naturally cures the tongue.


Application Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered to heal sore tongue problems naturally. One can rinse their mouth with aloe Vera juices. It helps to provide soothing effect to tongue. Aloe Vera gels contains anti inflammatory properties which plays a vital role in reducing tongue soreness.

Aloe Vera Gel

People since earlier ages have been effectively using Aloe Vera gel to treat soreness problems and have effectively achieved success to a great extent.

Application Of Lemon Balm

One can apply extract of lemon balm mixed with olive oil to get rid of bruised tongue. This kind of remedy particularly helps in healing the discomfort or pain occurred in the tongue. Lemon balm helps to reduce tongue blisters occurred due to soreness.

Lemon Balm

One should be using it minimum five times a day to check it effect. Apply it only on the affected areas. Within a week’s time the soreness goes away and it naturally softens the tongue.