8 Effective Natural Ways To Grow Big Eyelashes

Natural Ways To Grow Big Eyelashes

Every woman in today’s time is a beauty freak. Eye lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelids. Big eyelashes are a great compliment for women. Most women work on different techniques to make their look more attractive. Women since Bronze Age is trying to enhance their lashes through different techniques. But in today’s time women uses different make up techniques to emphasize the eyelashes through mascaras or eyeliners. Big eye lashes makes women look beautiful and make their eyes look deeper.

Ladies now a day’s look for cosmetic brands for eyelash extensions or eyelash transplantation which is their latest craze to make their eye look beautiful and glance larger. Drugs and eyelash transplantation is considered to be very expensive and time is another factor. The maintenance cost is also very high and neither their outcome for such surgeries. Naturally also one can obtain big eyelashes. It doesn’t have any chemical effects and also is affordable in its treatment. Natural means has permanent and everlasting effects.

Natural Ways To Grow Big Eyelashes

1. Dietary Intake

Proper nutrition and diet is very important for growth of eye lashes. Vitamin E is very important for its growth. It helps to repair damaged hair follicles. Proteins, eggs, yeast, legumes and whole grains are very important for growth of big eye lashes. Vitamin H also thickens our eyelashes.

Walnuts, peanut butter is important in our daily diets. Calcium and minerals also prevent from eyelash breakage and lengthen our eyelashes. One can increase the intake of yogurt, cheese okra etc. Milk plays a very important role for growth of eyelashes.

Dietary Intake

2. Application Of Olive Oil

One can apply olive oil which is very effective in the growth of eyelashes. We can use drops of olive on cotton buds and directly roll over our eyelash. Need to be keep the oil overnight. This kind of remedy is very effective in growing and enhancing our eyelashes. But applying olive oil make sure to remove your mascara or makeup applied on eyelashes. Next day simply wash with water. With regular use of olive oil one can lengthen the eyelashes naturally.

Olive Oil

3. Effects Of White Egg

Another good remedy in treating the growth of eyelashes is white egg. We can make a paste of white egg and apply it over our eyelashes. We can mix small quantity of white egg with castor oil. Blend this paste properly and apply it with your eyelash brush. Leave it Overnight. This kind of remedy is very effective treating the eyelashes loss and also strengthens the hair follicles of eyelashes.

White Egg

4. Brushing The Eyelash

It is very important for every woman to care for her eyelashes in order to ensure a healthy growth. One need to brush your hair twice daily .One should be using a professional eyelash brush for grooming. Brushing of hair helps to stimulate the growth of eyelash.

Brushing The Eyelash

5. Massage Eyelid

Massaging of eyelid helps to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It is very necessary to massage your eyelid for a proper growth. Massaging can help increasing the blood flow of that area. It helps in growth of nutrients therefore aiding the growth of the eyelash hair. It is one of the cheapest techniques. It is an easy way that enhances the growth of eyelash.

Massage Eyelid

6. Effects Of Green Tea

One of the most natural remedy to cure eyelashes growth is application of green tea. It gives a cooling effect. We can apply green tea with cotton over your eyelashes. Green tea has its own beneficial properties. One should be careful that the liquid should not enter the eyes. After few hours rinse it with cool water. It just enhances the growth of your eyelashes. Green Tea is commonly recommended by many beauticians for healthy growth.

Green Tea

7. Trimming Of Eyelashes

Trimming the eyelash helps to stimulate its growth. This kind of trend is since age’s. By trimming the lashes it helps the stimulation of its growth. This is an easy way to that stimulates the follicles. One should be trimming their eyelashes at least once a month. Within a month one can feel the growth of eyelashes.

Trimming Of Eyelashes

8. Aloe Vera Effects

Another useful natural remedy to cure hair loss problems is use of Aloe Vera gel. One can extract its juice and apply directly on the eyelashes. We can also apply the gel over the eye brows also. A lot of eyelashes lotions contain aloe vera ingredients. So direct application would definitely help in its growth. With regular use one can feel the change in growth and volume within a week. It also repair the damages of eyelashes .

Aloe Vera