Effective Top 10 Home Remedies For Gout In Foot


Gout Gout in foot can be really difficult to tackle and needs immediate attention or else movement can become  bothersome. Though medicines are available which provide relief, with home remedies for gout in foot, you can get relief from the terrible pain to a large extent but can also be assured of lesser frequency of attacks.

Most of these home remedies make use of ingredients readily available in your kitchen – hence these are completely safe and without any side effects.  These are not going to pinch your pocket too.  You will find them  easy to follow and you do not have to spend additional money also. Here are some ways to take care of gout in foot at home.

Home Treatment For Gout

Check Your Shoes

Shoes contribute a lot in increasing your gout in foot pain. If you are wearing tight ill fitting shoes your blood circulation gets slow in the area, which leads to pain. Ensure that your shoes fit you well with enough space for your toes to move them. Avoid narrow and pointed shoes if you suffer from gout as it can worsen your condition, as these tend to restrict the blood circulation in your foot.

Use Baking Soda Baking Soda

Gout pain arises when uric acid levels in the body increases and hence to control the pain you need to lower the uric acid levels of your body. Use baking soda as a treatment to lower uric acid.  In a glass of water mix a teaspoon of uric acid and have it every day. When you are going through gout attack, you can have this drink four times in a day. However, those suffering from high blood pressure should not follow this remedy.

Immobilize Your Foot

As you feel the pain stop movement completely. The lesser movement you have, the better you will feel. You can simply take rest as you have the pain. If you force yourself to move around in the pain, you can even injure yourself. Best option is to stay relax and keep your foot elevated. You can use a pillow or cushion for the purpose. It will help in gradually slowing down the blood supply to the area which will help in reducing inflammation and pain.

Use Apple cider vinegar and Honey

Apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for treating arthritis and gout. Those who suffer from gout need to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. This can be drunk everyday till the gout in foot is under control.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

It not only reduces the inflammation and tenderness but helps in reducing the pain also. You can also mix honey in the drink for added taste and benefits. Honey has anti inflammatory properties which also works to tackle gout pain.

Use Epsom salt

Epsom salt works as an excellent home remedy for reducing pain and is effectively used to treat gout in foot. In a tumbler of warm water mix 3-4 tablespoons of epsom salt and mix well. Soak your foot in this water for at least 30 minutes and slowly massage your aching part.

epsom salt

Keep doing this till the water loses the heat. You can try this during your pain also and it will help in reducing the inflammation and tenderness. You can try this remedy on a daily basis to slow down the frequency of attack.

Try Lemon Juice

Lemon juice works wonderfully to treat gout pain as it helps in neutralizing uric acid present which is responsible for gout pain. You will need fresh lemon juice from a whole lemon and mix it with half a spoon of baking soda.

lemon juice

Let this mix for 10 seconds and then add it to a glass of water. Drink this immediately. You can have this at least three times in a day when the pain is severe and you will get relief in a short time.

Stay Away From Some Foods

Gout pain occurs whenever the uric acid level in the body rises, so as a home remedy it is important to cut off all foods which can increase the level of uric acid in your body. So, cut off organ meats like kidney, liver, brain and fishes like mackerel, herring and anchovies. Certain fishes contain chemicals which have purines that form uric acid. Alcohol too should be completely restricted as it increases toxins in the body which tend to accumulate in the joints and cause pain.

Drink Plenty Of Water


Those suffering from gout attacks need to stay hydrated always. It is recommended to have ten glasses of water in a day. Water helps in flushing away toxins from the body which otherwise  accumulates in the joints causing pain and many times inflammation. When your body stays hydrated. your immunity system gets a boost and the body is better equipped to fight against infections and problems.

Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps in adsorbing uric acid and hence is considered to be a very effective treatment for gout. Patients can have a charcoal bath at least thrice in a week to reduce the pain. You need to mix half cup of charcoal powder and mix it well in water to form a paste. This paste can be put into the tub and mixed well into the water.

Your foot can be soaked in this water for at least 30 minutes for relief. Alternatively, charcoal paste can be applied on the foot directly also. After keeping the paste for 30 minutes, you can rinse your foot with warm water. It will reduce the tenderness and inflammation.

Have Apples Everyday

Malic acid is present in apple which is very effective in neutralizing uric acid in the body. This offers complete relief and soothes the pain. You can have whole apples or try to have apple juice everyday for best results.


Right goes the saying – An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. So, never forget to have an apple everyday – for your gout pain and also your general well being.

Hope the above home remedies will successfully help you to tackle gout in foot pain and help you to lead a comparatively painless life.

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