Foods High In Iron For Pregnant Women If you are a pregnant woman, then you will need more of iron as your baby will be growing fast in your womb after absorbing the nutrients in your blood. So you might be anemic if you don’t follow a diet rich in iron. You need not confine to one food item that you hate the most like the spinach to get your blood supply.

You can find many foods high in iron for pregnant women that are ideal to have a nutritious diet. Read on to find those foods that are loaded with lots of iron.

Top Foods High In Iron For Pregnant Women


Any kind of meat such as the poultry, fish and red meat are an excellent source of iron that is ideal for pregnant woman like you. The meat contains heme, a form of iron which is absorbed by your body much faster than those found in vegetables.


Other forms of meat such as beef, pork, buffalo, veal, turkey, chicken, veal and lamb are rich in iron. You might be amazed that 3 Oz of beef tenderloin contains about 3 mg of iron.

Beans And Peas

You can have a daily soup with split peas, white beans, minestrone or lentils. Soybeans, tofu, lima beans, chick peas, navy beans and black eyed beans are also an immense source of protein.


When you consume ½ a cup of these beans you will get about 4.3 grams of iron. When you take half cup of soybean you get 4.5 to 7 mg or iron every day. Include these foods that are rich in iron to make sure that you and your baby is safe.

Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables and fruits like apricots, turnip greens, collard greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, berries and tomatoes are rich in iron. Of these the spinach is the most iron dense that ½ cup of cooked spinach contains 3.2 mg of iron. Have a mixture of these fruits and vegetables either in fresh forms as a salad or in cooked form in gravies, soups and others.

fresh fruits and vegetables

You can also blend some of these veggies plus fruits to make a fresh juice. Make sure you eat those fruits that are rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, cabbage, bell peppers and broccoli. This is because vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps in easy absorption of iron.


These foods high in iron for pregnant women are highly beneficial as they are highly beneficial for your anemic condition. Include sea foods like shrimp, crab, halibut, tuna, clams and oysters which are rich in iron content.


But if you are having tuna make sure that you limit the serving as it has high levels of mercury. Always make sure that you consume only those sea foods that are properly cooked.


Molasses are rich in iron content and you can use it to make your pancakes sweet, biscuits and other foods that use honey or maple syrup to make sure that you increase your levels of iron in the body. Molasses has 3.5 mg of iron content in it per tablespoon.