Facts About Extreme Weight Loss

Facts About Extreme Weight Loss Body weight refers to the mass of our body measured in Kilograms and Pounds. It is made up of the weight of our bones, muscles, flesh and skin. There is an ideal weight defined for human beings depending on their age, gender and height. Body weight constantly changes over the lifetime of an individual.

Infants put on weight rapidly for at least one year after their birth. They can put on as much as 1.5 to 2 Kilograms per month. Again as the puberty hits, there is an increase in the weight along with an increase in height. During the adult life the weight remains almost uniform with fluctuation of 3-5 kilograms over years.

During pregnancy, women are known to add 10 kilograms or more, to their natural body weight. Dietary and hormonal changes can cause changes in the weight. Certain medication, especially based on steroids can build up excess weight. Lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle also brings about unhealthy weight gain.

Extreme Weight Loss

Maintaining healthy weight is extremely important for the physical and mental well being. Being underweight is as bad as being overweight. Sudden fluctuation in weight can be an indication of some serious medical conditions in the body. Nowadays  it is common for people to aim at a size zero body and working towards it.

However, an extreme  weight loss can have serious implications and is very unhealthy for the bodily functions. Even when you are obese or overweight, doctors recommend losing weight gradually and in stages without breaking the threshold of ideal weight.

Causes & Consequences Of Extreme Weight loss

Excessive Physical Activity

Excessive physical activity in form of exercises and cardio can result in loss of weight. However, it is also an easy way of dehydrating and under nourishing your body. The sudden burn of fat deposits can push the body into shock.

Best Exercises For Thighs

The exercises to manage weight have to be  practised in a certain manner along with balanced diet to match. The weight managing exercise, cardio, running have to be carefully placed over the week so that there is no adverse effect on the body.

Skipping Meals

We all tend to skip meals as soon as there is an increase in our body mass or weight. But this is a very unhealthy trend which ends up with a malnourished body, dryness of skin, hair loss and bouts of sudden weight gain. Yes, weight gain! If you keep your body underfed then the body tends to store most of what you will eat in form of fats.  In long term this will give rise to increase in body fats and malnutrition. Depriving your body of food and consequent weight loss can only go one way and that is, wrong way.

Weight Loss Supplements

There are numerous pill, powders and teas that are meant to help you in losing weight. Prolonged use may lead to sudden and extreme weight loss. But, it will have serious implications like weakening of immune system, undernourishment of body and interference in the functioning of digestive system.

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In some people, the case of extreme weight loss can become critical whereby the body’s tolerance towards food drops to such an extent that most of the food items are not digested properly and cause irritation.

Bariatric Surgery

In some critical obesity cases, surgery is the only way left. However, get it done at a hospital that specialises in such procedures. It involves cutting out the layers of fat from the body followed by skin tightening cosmetic procedure. Special emphasis is placed on diet, nutrition and physical activity after the bariatric surgery. Close monitoring of the metabolism and body functions is done for months together.

Ideal Weight Management

It is the right balance of exercise and healthy diet. Dietary supplements are not bad but must be taken under an able supervision as the dosage matters. Determine the ideal weight defined for your height, age and gender.

Great Tips For Healthy Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Then begin the weight loss programme clearly mentioning the weight loss target for the week or month and plan the diet accordingly. This will keep the aim in front of your eyes without malnourishing you at any point in time.