Women's Health

Fatty Acid Imbalances & Breast Pain

  • Tammy Livingston

    What about just taking Krill oil and eating low or no fat.. I’m at the point I cannot eat fats of any kind without having major insomnia.. Since I’m 48 and have never eaten seafood in my life and never really bought the fish oils I bet I’m deficient. I also have been on an extremely low fat diet due to the fact that all fats eaten during the day will keep me from falling asleep and if I get to sleep I always will wake in an hour or two and my heart will be pounding and I won’t get back to sleep.. If I abstain from fat I feel a lot better and sleep much much more. I have no problems with the fats while they are in my stomach so this is confusing to me. I seem to get it out of my stomach okay but once it hits my blood stream I get tired and sluggish/weak muscles.. Then my arms and legs cramp and have pain like my blood vessels are clogged. Even lotions now cause me pain on my limbs whereever I put it.. the fats must be getting in is all I can think since I get the same reaction when eating fats.. I feel amazing is I don’t eat any fats..but of course I cannot live fat free. I recently started Krill oil and managed to fall asleep so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that will continue.. what are your thoughts?