Home Remedies For Birth Control

Home Remedies For Birth Control

Unwanted pregnancy are very much popular. It is necessary to control birth. Unnecessary abortion will not be good and healthy for women. Use best treatment to control it. Home remedies can be one of the best and effective treatment to control birth. 0% side effects and easy to apply. Birth control home remedies are very popular now a days.

People are aware about the side effects of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. About 70% of women do not know the unsafe days of getting pregnant and proper use of prevention. Do not use any home remedies if your pregnancy test are positive. It may occur miscarriage.

Use some useful and good home remedies after unsafe intercourse. For healthy and good intercourse use prevention of birth control. There are many different types of medicine to control birth but have some side effects. Home remedies are good to control birth.

Effective Home Remedies For Birth Control

There are various remedies for birth control. If birth control is giving you problem than consult your doctor. There are some best and easy home remedies to control birth. This home remedial guide below will help you out with some top notch and well tried cures that will definitely help you achieve the goals.

1. Vitamin C Best Remedy

Consume pure vitamin C. No rosehips, it should be pure. Take 1500mg of vitamin. It will control birth. Take 2 times in a day. For 3 day after intercourse. If your period is a day or two days delay than take 3000ml for 5 days. If your pregnancy test is positive than do not take a dose. It may cause miscarriage and can bring you in dangerous condition. Do not do miscarriage at home. It is the best and effective home remedy for birth control. Vitamin C is very useful in skin glow, measles and pain. People take vitamins supplementary for healthy body.

Vitamin C Best Remedy

2. Temperature Method

Women need to record their menstrual cycle. When daily temperature of the body is recorded, you will see that the temperature rises little during the time of ovulation. It falls on the next period. In that case you can avoid birth control. Recording your body temperature daily is must. You should record the temperature three times in a day. Morning, evening and night. Put the thermometer for 5 minutes and under the tongue or at the rectum. We need basal thermometer. This method is easy and good to control birth. Make sure the temperature is recorded correctly.

3. Dried Apricots Use

We need 100gm of dried apricot, 2 tablespoon of honey and water. Boil the mixture for 20 to 30 minutes. Blend the mixture and drink one cup this mixture. This will stop bleeding and control birth. Dried apricots are also used in control birth in many minor cases. Please do not eat when pregnancy results are positive. Having it also improve blood level. It is very useful in skin glow. Must apply this home remedy. Quick and easy way of curing excess bleeding and birth control.

Dried Apricots Use

4. Calender Method

In this method, women need to record their menstrual cycle. By recording one can prevent birth control. Will help you to known the length of each mentrual. Count the days from the first day. Eight cycle is must. You can do 12 cycle also. If your short cyle of 26 than than subtract 18 from 26. Result is 8. If day one is the fourth day of the month than mark X. Will be 11th . So when you intercourse on that day use prevention because you are likely to get pregnant on that day. Longest cycle is 30 than subtract 11 from 30. Result is 29. Repeat the same process as mentioned in this remedy. It only give you safe days which are likely to get pregnant. Do not intercourse without protects on unsafe days. If your cycle is shorter than 27 days do not use calender method.

5. Anzeer Dried Fruit

Have anzeer after intercourse. Will help in birth control. Have 2 to 3 pieces of anzeer. It is a dried fruit. It is also helps in proper circulation and birth control. Eat once in a day. Do not eat much because it makes the stomach irregular. Very popular and good home remedy. Do not consume when you are pregnant. It also helps in preventing pregnancy. Many people eat anzeer for growth and health. Helps in number of problems related to the body.

Snack On Dried Fruits And Nuts

6. Condoms

It gives protection from unwanted pregnancy and is easily available. Now a days many women use protection for birth control. Even female condoms are also available. It protects from many disease related to intercourse. It is the best way to protect couple who are doing intercourse. Do not use two condoms together it may increase the level of getting pregnant. Even male can use condoms. Cheapest protection. Once the condom are used do not use it again to prevent from birth control. If use it may cause different infections and unwanted pregnancy will occur. Use fresh condoms to intercourse and control unwanted birth. Even less abortion.

7. Papaya Good

Eat papaya after unsafe intercourse. It will prevent pregnancy. At least eat twice a day for 3 to 4 days. May not eat regularly. Papaya helps in birth control and unwanted abortion. It gives calcium and vitamins. Good for skin glow and improves digestion. Please avoid eating papaya if pregnancy test is positive. Small papaya will work. You can also have jamu, wild yam and psoralea fruits. Helps in birth control. Easily available.

Papaya Good

8. Carrot Seeds

We need wild carrot seeds. This remedy is used from 5th century B.C. When there was nothing to prevent pregnancy. It was used to control birth. Now a days it is very common. Women who want to control birth need to chew the wild carrot seeds. If not possible then grind it little and soak 1 teaspoon in the water.

Drink plenty of water. Drink once in a day for few days. It is the oldest home remedy for birth control. Effective remedy. Many people drink this mixture. If people do not use natural preventing pregnancies. Drink it. Will see quick results. Do not eat if you are pregnant. It may harm you.