7 Home Remedies For Chronic Mucus

Remedies For Chronic Mucus

Chronic mucus or sinusitis is a disease which makes it awfully difficult for you to carry out your day to day activities. In most cases sinusitis subsides on its own without any great medical attention. However sometimes it persists and becomes a regular nuisance in your life. While medications and decongesters help in the short run, an overdose of these actually enhances the symptoms in the long run.

Thus, the best treatment for sinusitis includes the natural ones. There are plenty of home remedies available for treating chronic mucus. Here is a list of the best home remedies for chronic mucus or sinusitis.

Top Home Remedies For Chronic Mucus

The Correct Environment – Using A Humidifier

Make sure that your surrounding air is sufficiently moist. Use humidifiers to fulfil this purpose. However be one hundred percent sure that the grills of your humidifier are clean. Dirty humidifiers will lead to the formation of mould in the air which causes other severe diseases.



Steaming has always been the best home remedy for mucus related problems. It unsurprisingly helps in treating chronic mucus too. To carry out this treatment you need to boil water in a large pot till its steaming hot. Take this steaming hot water in a bucket and sit with your face close to it.


Inhale as much of the steam as you can. Use a towel or some other cloth to not allow much of the steam to escape. Steam helps thin the mucus thus, removing obstructions in you nasal passage. It also reduces swelling in the nasal passage.

Keeping Yourself Well Rested And Stress Free

Keep your mind stress free. Do not undertake tasks that will cause you untoward tension. Give your body plenty of rest.

Keeping Yourself Well Rested And Stress Free

Irrigation With Saline Solution

Saline solution is nothing but salt water. Using commonly available nasal saline solutions are very helpful. You could also make your own saline solution by mixing salt in water and warming the mixture. Make sure that the water you use for making the saline solution is boiled. You need to pour this solution down your nostrils by tilting your head up and using a nasal dropper or a bulb syringe.

Salt Solution

You can take someone else’s assistance in doing so. Irrigation with saline water helps clear the nasal passage, making it easier for you to breathe. It also keeps your nasal passage moist and flushes out any other unwanted substances that may have accumulated on the walls of your nostrils.

Warming Your Face

Another technique which relaxes your mind and gives your relief, if only for a few minutes is applying direct heat to your face. All that you need to do is soak a towel in heated warm water and apply it on your face. It is bound to soothe you and make you feel better.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrates is imperative in fighting chronic mucus. Drinking lots of fluids not only helps flush out unwanted toxins form your body but also thins the mucus thus, reducing blockages and swelling in the nasal passage. However abstain from drinking too much alcohol.

Keeping Yourself Hydrated