5 Home Remedies For Dislocations


Dislocation can happen at anytime. Dislocation occurs at jaw, knee, shoulder and elbow. It needs a proper treatment. Home remedies are best and easy. It is unbearable. It be occur at any age. Specially new born babies should handle with care otherwise dislocation may arises. Lack of care may leads to dislocation. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Avoid stress and heavy work. There are many different kind of treatment to cure dislocation.

Home remedies are very effective and 0% side effects. Bones should strong and fit. It also occur to old age people because lack care and bones are weak. Choose a good and effective treatment for dislocation. If home remedies for dislocation can not decrease it than consult your doctor. Some useful and helpful home remedies for dislocation are as follows.

Top Home Remedies For Dislocations

Ice Effective

Ice helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Take a crushed ice and wrap with a towel apply on the affective area. It will help in getting relief from dislocation. Do not apply ice directly on the skin. It may cause damage. Even you can use ice bags and frozen vegetable bags. Even many doctor says to apply ice when dislocation occurs.


It is known as ice therapy. It is the best and effective home remedy for dislocation. Ice cubes are very much useful in any kind of pain and swelling. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes daily. It will cure dislocation. Two times in a day for few weeks.

Heat Good

Heat is also another best remedy. It helps in relaxing of muscles. It also gives proper blood flow. Apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes only. Take a clean and thin cloth and a hot iron. Iron on the cloth and apply the hot cloth on the affective area.


Do not apply too hot. It should be warm. It is useful in dislocation. Even some doctor says to do this remedy at home.

Fresh Juice And Food

Fresh juices makes you healthy. It gives you strength. Juice like orange juice and apple juice. Juice gives you calcium, iron and vitamins. Eat healthy.

Fresh Juice

Avoid fast foods and jug foods. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume garlic too. At least drink 2 glass of fresh juice daily.

Movement Necessary

When you come to known that dislocation have occur than do not move your affective area too much. After 2 to 3 days gentle move your shoulder, jaw, elbow and knee.


Avoid doing work. Keep the dislocated area properly. Once dislocation is cured properly than you can move it in a good way. Wear light clothes and keep clean yourself.

Rest And Self Care

Take a proper rest to recover from dislocation faster. Rest and self care are both necessary. To recover from any disease. Proper treatment and proper time.


At the first stage dislocation should get proper treatment so that it can not get it in dangerous condition. Self care is the best care. Avoid things which is harmful for you. Apply proper home remedies to cure dislocation.