9 Home Remedies For Nail Infection

Home Remedies For Nail Infection

Home Remedies For Nail Infection

Nails get infected by many different ways. Nothing worse than nail infection. It makes the nail dull, without shine and also make the hands and legs unattractive. Infected nails need best treatment to cure it and home remedies can be one of the best treatments. No side effects and things are easily available at home.If nail infection is not treated well than major problems may arise. As soon as infection is notified please apply the best treatment according to the infection detected.There are some effective home remedies for curing nail infection as below.

Effective Home Remedies For Nail Infection

Honey With Cinnamon Powder

Honey With Cinnamon Powder For Nail Infection

Mix honey and cinnamon powder together. Apply it on the effective area and than wrap it with clean cloth. Leave it for few minutes. This home remedy can be used regular. It is best for toenail.

Garlic Antibiotic

Garlic Reduce Nail Infection

Garlic properties contains antibiotic solution. It is used in many different problems like burning, hypertension and swelling. It is best for nail infection. Raw garlic is very much useful than cooked garlic.Take a few clove of raw garlic and crush it gentle. Apply it on the affective area and leave it for few minutes. Or take 2 to 3 pieces of raw garlic clove and a glass of lukewarm water. Deep space infection is also treated.

Tea Tree Oil And Vitamin E Oil

Tea Tree Oil And Vitamin E Oil For Nail Infection

Natural healer and antibiotic are the properties found in tea tree oil. Make a solution of tea tree oil and vitamin E oil. Rub it on the effective area and apply it twice a day. This home remedy is quick and easy to do.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Nail Infection

It is the best remedy to cure infections. Few tablespoon of apple cinder vinegar with lukewarm water. Dip your affected area in a solution for few minutes. Help in curing the infections.

Use Vicks Vapour Rub

Vicks Vapour Rub For Nail Infection

It cure the infection and also help in cleaning the fungus infection. Rub the vicks on the effective area and add band aid. Let it dry. Apply it twice a day. First sing of an infection can be cured by using vicks vapour rub.

Effective Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice For Nail Infection

Take out the fresh lemon juice and apply it. Leave it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wash it with warm water. Use it once in a day until infection is cured. Or mix lemon juice and olive oil in equal amount. Massage it on the effective area. It will control infection.

Essential Oils

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil For Nail Infection

Take 2 drops of oregano oil and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix it gentle and it on the effective area with cotton. Use once in a day.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil For Nail Infection

Take equal amount lavender oil and tea tree oil. Mix it and slightly warm it. With a cotton ball apply it on the tip of the nail. Apply it twice or thrice in a day. Best if applied at night and cover it with a pair of woolen socks.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil For Nail Infection

Take equal amount of orange oil and any kind of carrier oil. Apply it on one spot. If irritation causes do not use it. Or simple apply orange oil with the help of a cotton.