10 Home Remedies For Nightfall

Home Remedies For Nightfall

Also called as wet dreams or nocturnal emission, nightfall is a condition in which in an individual experiences leakage the genital fluid while sleeping. In other words, the person experiences a deep sexual arousal and ends up ejaculating while in a deep slumber. He/she would wake up the next morning to realize what had happened.

The thing about nightfall (night emission is another name it goes by) is that the concerned individual would not be able to control his/her thoughts and sexual feelings while sleeping. And the condition can be caused by several psychological or physical factors, including physical weakness, sexual dreams, over masturbation, weakened immune system, sexual indulgences like watching porn movies, low libido during sexual performances, weak reproductive organs, hormonal imbalances and medical conditions like diabetes etc.

Effective Home Remedies For Nightfall

Here are some home remedies that can help treat nightfall to an extent in both men and women.

1. Drink Almond Milk

Studies have revealed that drinking a glass of almond milk right before going to bed each night can help control/prevent nocturnal emissions to an extent. The drink helps to boost the energy levels of the body (for better sex) by enriching it with plenty of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Almond milk also contains minerals like selenium, manganese, Vitamin E and potassium that help to boost the strength of the immune system and help the body fight off nightfall naturally. Another added benefit of drinking almond milk before bedtime is that is soothes the mind and promotes sound sleep.

Soak a few almonds in water for a couple of hours and grind them to form a paste. Mix the paste with some crushed cardamom and ginger, and a glass of milk. Drink the milk about half an hour before bedtime for best results.

Drink Almond Milk

2. Massage Your Body With Essential Oil

Nocturnal emissions can be controlled to an extent by opting for a body massages using herbal or essential oils. Massaging the body with these oils would improve blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the genital organs, thereby increasing sexual arousal and performance. This in turn can curb nightfall to a great extent.

Essential oils also contain certain properties that help treat sexual problems like premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, low libido and erectile dysfunction etc. Taking care of these problems (mainly sexual weakness and premature ejaculation) can prevent nightfall to a great extent.Finally, a gentle body massage before bedtime can be very relaxing on the mind and body, and can promote sound sleep devoid of unnecessary sexual dreams (in most cases).

Massage Your Body With Essential Oil

3. Drink Hot Beverages

Drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee before hitting the bed can also be extremely comforting for the body and mind, and can promote good sleep, thereby reducing the chances of experiencing nocturnal emissions to a great extent. Take no more than one cup at least an hour before hitting the bed as too many cups would keep you awake the entire night (another way to stop nocturnal emissions if you are willing to stay up all night).

Drink Hot Beverages

4. Drink Sage Or Chamomile Tea

One of the best ways to control frequent episodes of nightfall is to keep the mind relaxed before bedtime. And one of the best ways to do that is to drink a cup of chamomile or sage tea before going to bed each night. Both these ingredients contain mild sedative properties that help relax the mind into a deep slumber devoid of any dreams.

Drink Sage Or Chamomile Tea

5. Eat Plenty Of Yogurt

We don’t know how it works but people who have experienced nightfall swear by the effectiveness of plain yogurt in treating the condition. So if you experience nightfall frequently, try gulping down a few cups of curd throughout the day and right before bedtime to get relief from the condition. Tell us if it works.

Eat Plenty Of Yogurt

6. Eat Raw Onions

Although they won’t do you any favors in getting a sexual partner for the night, raw onions can help prevent nocturnal emissions due to their potent aphrodisiac properties. So eat some raw onions (you can also consume them in the form of salads) before going to bed each night in order to sleep peacefully without worrying about wetting yourself.

Eat Raw Onions

7. Eat Garlic

Another ingredient that would help you curb nightfall but would definitely drive away your partner (at least for the night), garlic contains aphrodisiac properties that help increase the blood flow to the genital organs, thereby increasing sexual arousal and performance. Munching on a few cloves of garlic (don’t forget to drink water afterwards) before hitting the bed at night can therefore curb nocturnal emissions effectively.

Eat Garlic

8. Eat Pomegranate Powder

This happens to be one of the most recommended home remedies for nightfall and is known to increase the energy levels of the body to a great extent. It can also help increase sexual arousal and pleasure by improving the blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the reproductive organs. This in turn can effectively curb nightfall to a great extent.

How to Prepare: Peel the skin of a pomegranate and dry it nicely. Grind the dried peel to form a powder, a tablespoon of which you can consume at least twice every day (once in the morning and evening) for quick and effective results.

Eat Pomegranate Powder

9. Drink Celery Juice

Another remedy for nightfall involves grinding some celery leaves and a few drops of honey to form a paste. Mix a tablespoon of this paste with a glass of water and drink the concoction at least twice a day for extended relief from nightfall.

Drink Celery Juice

10. Opt For Hot Compresses

A hot compress at the end of a tiring day would be just what your body needs in order to relax and sleep properly, thereby treating nocturnal emissions caused by stress. Try placing a hot compress on your spine for some time before going to bed each night.

Opt For Hot Compresses
Alternatively, you can soak your feet in hot water for some time or soak your body in a bathtub filled with hot water an hour before going to bed. Adding some essential oils to the bath can prove to be more effective in controlling nightfall.