10 Home Remedies For Ringworm

Home Remedies For Ringworm

Tinea is similar to ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal infection. It can be easily cured by home remedies.Things are easily available at home. Ringworm is always round in shape. It can happened to all age of people, even to children. Getting rid from ringworm is not a problem. Cheapest way of healing is home remedies.

In any case, if the ringworm is not decreasing please consult the doctor.Some home remedies can cause pain but it is very much effective and has no side efforts. It is very much common to children.Safe and simple treatment is required. Use the best treatment, otherwise it can cause many problems. Clean the effective area gently.

Effective Home Remedies For Ringworm

1. Apple Cinder Vinegar

It is the best home remedy to cure ringworm. Use a cotton ball and dip it on the vinegar. Extract the access vinegar and apply it directly on the area. Apply several times a day for 1 to 3 days. It also helps alleviate ills.

2. Garlic

Peel a clove and cut it into a thin slice. Apply it on the affective area and band age it for overnight.Garlic is antibiotic. Or crush the garlic and apply it. Make sure the juice of the garlic touches the area.


3. Turmeric

Properties of turmeric has a natural antibiotic. Use a fresh juice which is extracted from turmeric. Apply it on the area until the patches of ringworm disappears.


4. Raw Papaya

Rub the raw papaya on the affective area. Make sure the juice is touched on the skin. Or make a paste with dry papaya seeds and apple cinder vinegar. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

Raw Papaya

5. Aloe Vera

Apply the juice on the affective area directly. It will help the infection to go away. It is also well known for treating many infections.

Aloe Vera

6. Salt And Vinegar

Make a paste with salt and any vinegar. Apply it on the ringworm. Let it dry or sit for 5 minutes. Used this method for a week to heal the infections.

Salt And Vinegar

7. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice is very much useful to heal the infection from inside. Fresh vegetable juice is required. Take 200ml spinach juice and 300 ml carrot juice. Mix it well and drink regular for best results for curing ringworm infections.

Vegetable Juice

8. Nail Polish Remover

Dip a cotton ball in the nail polish remover. Apply it and leave it for 5 minutes to sit.It may take a week or more. This remedy is an odd one but many people swear on it. Do not use nail polish remover on the bleeding area because if it enters the blood stream, it may cause many problems. Remember do not use this home remedy on the children.

9. Tea Tree Oil

Use a solution in which 50% tea tree oil includes. Apply the oil twice a day and leave it for dry. Improvement can be seen after 1 month. It can be used regular. It has been used from a years ago to heal from cuts, burns and infections. It is also used in many products like shampoo, beauty creams and hair oils.

10. Black Walnuts

It is a effective treatment for ringworm. Rub the juice of black walnuts from green skin. Peel the green skin and rub it slowly on the ringworm. It will take few days to solve the problem of ringworm. This remedy is been used from long ago.

Black Walnuts