Home Remedies For Sterility

Sterility Both males and females suffer from sterility. Now a days it is very much common. Around 30% of people suffer from it. It can be easily cured but take few months to get cured properly. A variety of treatments are there to cure sterility. One of the best, simple and effective treatment for curing any disease are home remedies because it has 0% side effects.

No need to buy products from the market. You will need to take a proper care of yourself and timely eating everyday, if you are suffering from sterility. In a few cases, if sterility is not decreasing then consult your doctor. There are some helpful home remedies for curing sterility are as follows.

Effective Home Remedies For Sterility

Warm Water Is The Best

Consume warm water is the best and effective home remedy. Consuming it improves in reproduction organ. Drink 1 glass of warm water daily. It also help in proper circulation.

Sip on Water

Warm water is also used in curing pain, swelling, and infection. Warm water is very helpful in curing any disease. Many doctor says to apply this home remedy. This remedy helps in curing male and female sterility.

Things To Avoid And Things To Consume

People who are suffering from sterility need to avoid few things. Avoid coffee, black tea, alcohol, smoking, white sugar and fast foods because it may cause problem. You may need to avoid some sea foods too. Consume milk, honey, cottage cheese and rice. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Try to keep yourself stress free.

Facts About Breast Cancer

Consuming dates and raisins are very much helpful in making reproduction organ strong. Even do not eat spicy foods and fried foods. You can also consume an areca nut (supari) after every meal. It is very benefit for the people who are suffering from sterility. Try to consume foods which have rich calcium.

Eggplant Is Useful

Eggplant is antioxidant. Cook eggplant and eat it with buttermilk. It is the best and effective home remedy for female sterility. Consume it for few months. You will see visible results.

Eggplant Is Useful

It is very useful remedy. Eggplant is very common vegetable. It is easy available at home and market. Consume fresh eggplant. It is a good and easy home remedy.

Mud Packs Is Easy

This home remedy is good for male and female sterility. It is the best and easy home remedy for curing sterility. Apply mud packs on the abdomen and sexual organs. Use it once in a day for few months. It is very helpful home remedy for sterility. It will help in cooling the organ.

Barley Green Is Useful

It is very useful in curing sterility. People who are suffering from sterility. Extract the juice from barley green. Drink 2 times in a day for 20 to 25 days. Best when consume before 30 minutes after every meal. Mix 50 ml of barley and 200 ml of water. It is easily available. If you can not find fresh barley green juice than use barley grass powder.

Barley Green Is Useful

For barley grass powder you need to consume half to 4 teaspoon of powder in a day. Even you can mix barley grass powder into the foods and juice that you are consuming. It is an effective home remedy for better sperm production and body cleanser.

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