Under Eye Circles Dark circles around the eyes makes a person look ugly, tired and aged. Sometimes dark circles fail to go away, even after consuming a healthy diet, taking proper rest, and using dark circle under eye creams available in the market.

Besides lack of sleep and poor health, there are many possible causes of under eye dark circles like genetics, aging process, nasal congestion, allergies, eczema, medication and lifestyle factors like drinking excessive alcohol, smoking and sun exposure.

Whatever may be the cause, there are many effective and simple home remedies that can minimize their appearance and even help them disappear. These remedies do not contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals and are proven ways to treat dark circles successfully without spending a lot of money.

Best Home Remedies For Under Eye Circles

Cool Compress

To ease dark circles, application of cool compress is an old and successful remedy. One of the most common and successful remedy amongst them is placing a chilled cucumber slice directly on the dark circle for at least 10 minutes. Cucumber acts as an astringent as well as a skin toner.

Cool Compress

Another way you can use cucumber is by grating it and squeezing its juice and then applying the juice on the eye area with the help of cotton balls and leave for 10-15 minutes. This treatment will relax and invigorate the eyes and lighten dark circles if performed regularly for few days.

Just like cucumber, cool and wet tea bags placed on the dark circle area can help to eliminate dark circles. Instead of cucumber, you can also use potato slices to remove dark circles. Another alternative is using frozen pea bags after wrapping them in cloth. All these remedies can help to bring relief to the delicate under eye skin.

Avocado And Olive Oil Mask

Avocado And Olive Oil Mask

Mash avocado and add 1 tsp. of olive oil and apply the mask to the skin under the eye. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes before cleaning the area with cold water. This cooling mask will stimulate circulation and reduce dark circles.

Mint and Tomato Juice

Another effective way of getting rid of dark circles is the application of mint leaves paste mixed with tomato juice on the dark circles. Also rub few drops of almond oil regularly on the dark circle area and leave overnight to get rid of dark circles completely.

Mint and Tomato Juice

Few people suggest mixing almond oil with honey for dramatic results. Massaging rose water on the under eye dark circle area can also help to reduce dark circles.

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Homemade Mask

Prepare a mask by blending lemon juice, lentil flour, turmeric paste and tomato puree and apply the paste on the eye area.  Wash after 15-20 minutes.  This is also a very effective remedy for treating dark circles.

Cold Milk

Cold Milk

Applying cold milk is also an age old remedy for eliminating dark circles. Apply cold milk after soaking cotton balls and placing them on the eye area for 10-15 minutes; then rinse the area with cold water.

Diet and Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and diet can do a lot to cure dark circles. Drinking adequate water, not less than 8-10 glass a day, can be effective for getting rid of dark circles. This will flush out toxins from the body and remove dark circles.


Dark circles can also result from poor nutrition. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet rich in fibrous fruits and vegetables will clear the toxins and can help to eliminate dark circles. Get minimum of 7-8 hours sleep to avoid dark circles.