Home Remedies Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Home Remedies Using Apple Cider Vinegar

A number of times you must have passed by this amber coloured clear vinegar without giving it a second look. However, this feature will give you a completely different perspective and introduce you to a number of health benefits of this Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is prepared by fermenting apple juice. In the first step, the juice is given additives like bacteria and yeast.

In the second alcoholic fermentation of solution actually turns it into vinegar as the bacteria forms ascetic and malic acid in it.  It is an absolutely indispensable kitchen ingredient if you are a fan of salad dressings, sauces and chutneys. Its tangy flavour can improve the taste of many dull dishes. However, let it not deceive you into believing that it is just a vinegar and its use limited to kitchen; it can be used as home remedies for several health issues and makes an excellent cleanser.

Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedies

Hair Care

Have you been suffering from hair loss, slow hair growth, split ends and damaged tresses? Now stop stressing over these issues and just get a bottle of this Vinegar home. Did you know majority of the damage and retarded growth of the hair happens due blocked hair follicles and general product build up on the scalp which is not visible to the naked eye? The build up on scalp is actually the residual particles of various hair products and oils that you use.

Hair Growth

No matter how much you try to clean it with shampoos, it just does not leave you. In fact shampoos also add to this build up. To clean up your scalp and clear the clogged follicles, you need a cleanser like Vinegar. To begin with just dilute a bowl full of water with 2 spoons of this vinegar and massage with it on the scalp. After 20 minutes just wash off with your regular shampoo. Do this treatment ones in a week. However, for rest of the days, just add 4 table spoons of this vinegar in to the water to create a hair wash.

Oral Care

We all have a thing for beautiful smile. But the most important part that completes a beautiful smile is a perfect set of teeth. But most of the time our teeth do suffer from spots and yellowish brownish tinge which is a consequence of bad habits like smoking, tobacco chewing or plain lack of oral hygiene.

Apple cider vinegar is known to give you clearer blemish free teeth. It is a brightening agent and therefore can make your teeth lighter and whiter. However, do remember to dilute it and do not use this remedy too often. Once in 15 days is good enough because the acid in the Vinegar can eat away the enamel of your teeth.

Fungal Attack

Fungal infections are a nuisance and keep relapsing every time you think you finally got rid of it! Itching, skin discolouration, genital discharge and burning sensation in the affected area are some of the symptoms of fungal infection. Fungus usually thrives in wet environments and can be a direct fall out of destruction of good bacteria in the body due to antibiotics.

Dry Skin

Fungus can attack any part of the body right from the skin to genitals and internal digestive system. Apple cider vinegar acts potently against the fungus. Take one part water and add two part vinegar to it. Soak a cotton swab and apply it to the infected area. You can also use it in your vaginal tract if the infection has spread inside.

Apply it with the help of an ear bud or a tampon. The acid in the vinegar will kill the fungus almost instantaneously. If it leaves the skin a little dry then apply some yoghurt after the vinegar treatment and wash after 10 minutes. For stomach infection too, you can gulp it down with some water. It will clean the entire system as it passes through it.

Acid Reflux

We have all had in acid reflux at some time in our lives. It is the burning sensation right above the stomach and in the food tract. The common word for it is Heart burn. You must have noticed certain foods make it particularly bad for you. The food that we eat passes through our food pipe into the oesophagus.

From where it finally gets into the stomach. There is a vent between the oesophagus and stomach which remains closed as the digestion takes place in the stomach. At times, due to unknown reasons or intake of wrong type of food items this vent begins to open up and the acid from the stomach starts rising up the stomach.

This gives out that burning sensation. Now it sounds crazy to add Apple cider Vinegar to that acid, however, use it to believe the result. What actually happens is that this vinegar is much lesser acidic then the hydrochloric acid in our stomach and therefore its intake balances the acidity not only in the stomach but also the body. Just a spoonful of unprocessed vinegar mixed in half a glass of water will do the trick!

Weight Loss

Now I can see a smile on almost every reader’s face! And yes it true that this vinegar aids in losing unhealthy weight. Of course it goes without saying that it is not a replacement for physical activities and exercises but instead a companion to those. Apple cider vinegar when added to food can make you feel full in a lesser amount of a time and the satiability stays for long periods.

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This basically discourages the habit of excessive eating and snacking on unhealthy junk food in between the meals. The best way of using this property of Apple cider Vinegar is to prepare a dressing out of it and use it on a salad. Eat this salad right before the meal and you will find yourself eating much lesser main course and unhealthy fats and carbs.

I am sure after reading this write up on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, you will never pass its bottle again in the supermarket but bag it instantly. Do try this wonder Vinegar and share with others as we all deserve a break from chemicals and medicines for simple ailments!